The space of transmission of sacred sexuality and tantric teachings.
Created to share and organize sacred sexuality practices and rituals.
House of Tantra is following the path of love and freedom, based on developing pure vision of whole interconnected reality.
House of Tantra is a part of new paradigm vision. The new paradigm concept is about healing and empowerment of human kind.
It is about awakening life energy in each individual and in whole society.
With recognition that our sexual energy as universal life force is a greatest fountain of individual empowerment.


ZENON D. DORJE, is a Tantric yogi, an adept of Himalayan traditional path. He has been following the path of Zen and Tantra for several years. He finished multiple solitary meditation retreats, including long retreat in the darkness, thus developing dark retreat practices for others.
He discovered internal structures hidden in the human body, calling them Underground. And developed methods of their liberation and transformation.
He is also the author of the Four Pillars of Tantra system, a fast path of freedom from the global matrix.
Teaching in House of Tantra, specialises in meditation, breathing practices and inner tantric yoga. He facilitate workshops related to the Sacred Sexuality and Tantra, and offers individual sessions containing tantric methods and temple arts.
His activity supports awakening of individual power and the path of spiritual liberation and autonomy for every living being.