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We are creators of this reality

House of Tantra ·  17 June 2019

In a situation of common dormancy and general involuntary acceptance of the system in which we live, we found ourselves as humanity at the edge of a catastrophe. The Atlantic civilization, which gives direction to the development of events on Earth, is focused on the absolute exploration of nature, striving for control and power....

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Path of Mystical Sexuality

House of Tantra ·  31 May 2019

”We are living in deep dillusion about nature of so called sexual energy…  Sexuallity is a sacred energy of the universe, the Source of all phenomena and forms. As universal life force it is greatest fountain of individual empowerment. It give us direct connection with absolute....

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5 stages of the inner temple

House of Tantra ·  22 May 2019

On the path of sacred sexuality and tantra, the body represents the temple. And with our development along this path, it not only symbolizes the temple, but through the practice of creating the right vessel for the spirit, it gradually becomes so....

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Holistic Tantric Massage Master Program

I MODULE: 4-8 September 2019

25-days professional certificated massage program

Facilitation: Zenon D. Dorje

The Tantra House invites you to tantric massage program for professionals. The program consists of four workshops, each lasting five days. Includes four levels of initiation containing theory, tantric practice and six different modalities of tantric massage. The whole program is crowned with the certificate of completion of the master program, which is also the recognition of professional qualifications by the Tantra House....

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2 - 7 April 2019, Workshop Center near Wroclaw

Facilitation: Zenon D. Dorje with the Team

We live in a time of great change and awakening of consciousness on a mass scale. We recognize the scale of wounds and traumas accumulated over the past millennia by all humanity and how this affects individuals. ...

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Introduction into Four Pillars of Tantra

Weekend workshop

21 – 23 December, Amsterdam, Holland

Facilitated by Zenon D. Dorje

This weekend experimental workshop will initiate you into a unique method of Four Pillars of Tantra, created by Zenon D. Dorje. It is a fast track into the essence of Tantra, a path of embodied spirituality and ecstatic self-liberation from matrix illusions. The spontaneous unconditioned joy arises from the inner union of masculine and feminine essence. Both of them take an active and passive form. Four of them, all together and ability to shift easily from one to another, give a real freedom and deep insight into main spiritual searches - who am I? what...

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Our inner woman and man. How they look like?

House of Tantra · Lesznowola · 24 October 2018

View of tantra or tao describes the world through the polarities of masculine and feminine aspects. Female  - male, yang - ying, two poles that create our universe, through mutual attraction and striving toward union. Everything that exists, every atom, is made up of these two elements.


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Suppression keeps us in darkness

House of Tantra ·  17 October 2018

The society that we co-create is still based on primitive ownership relations carried out by semi-official or hidden power solutions. The patriarchal social structure was always maintained by dividing, creating conflicts and wars....

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