5-day Tantra Retreat

Facilitated by Zenon D. Dorje


Opening mind, body and heart allows us to experience life from a deep space of gratitude and celebration whatever happens to us in our daily life. Sexual energy is our birth right and force of expansion that brings us back to our ease. Welcome back home!

We invite you for a 5 days Tantra retreat that gives you the opportunity to awaken your potential of ecstatic life. The aim of this retreat is to awaken your bliss body. The bliss body is a high frequency vibration, the subtle body of pleasure.

Most of people have been living their lifes on lower vibrations as a result of living in societies unconsciously driven by fear. And fear is the opposite of love that we all have been longing for. We are contaminated by this environment. Therefore we need first to take off some layers of social conditioning and blockages in order to be able to activate fully our sexual energy. A person sexually awaken does not need external factors to feel sexual. The sexual flow happens by itself as a result of internal polarisarion of feminine and masculine essence.  To live from the place of love, we need also to have ability to accept and love our bodies like there are right now. This is a fundament for bliss and pleasure.


Through the art of tantric touch and tantric rituals, you will :
  • release an old tension from your body
  • awake your body more and its sexual, ecstatic potential
  • connect to a masculine and feminine essence
  • open to a deeper trust and intimacy with life and people
  • reconnect to body innocence and its beautiful nudity
  • awake self love to your body
  • heal yoni and lingam through opening to more pleasure
  • expand to be able to contain more in life: pleasure, joy, love, abundance


What you will experience on this retreat:
  • an art of clear communication of your boundaries and needs to feel safe, integrated and empowered person
  • diffrent tantric massages modalities: kundalini massage, yoni and lingam massage, massage awakening our inner feminine and masculine essence
  • tantric rituals celebrating body and a deep essence
  • tantric rituals of bonding
  • tantric play
  • emotional cleansing

You can come on your own or in couple. There is a consensual nudity on this retreat. You do only what sets within your personal boundaries.

Come and expand your orgasmic capacity for an exstatic and abundant life!