Kashmiri Tantric Massage Ritual


5 – 9 June 2019, Poland
5-day Traditional tantric  massage course from India

Facilitated by Zenon D. Dorje


Tantric massage course with certificate of attendance for private purposes as well as massage professionals

You will learn and experience a deeply relaxing and healing traditional Tantra massage, called also Shiva-Shakti. Beautiful and sensual massage ritual that comes from northern India from the tradition of Kashmir Shaivism.  It combines heart, body and spirit, activating and cleansing the chakras. It introduces bliss experienced within a whole being. You will experience a deep connection within yourself and opening up for the inner, sensual flow of life energy. This massage is more intense than other types of massage as it strongly activates a flow of energy through specific body position (asanas).  This is not just a massage but a conscious embodied spiritual practice.
Come for a powerful, intimate and ecstatic experience!

It goes far beyond a regular massage, offering healing and opening the body for tantric bliss and energy transfer. Therefore some preparation and an appropriate state of mind is important for a magic to happen and power of the ritual not been reduced to pure technique.

During this course you will experience introductory tantric meditations, you will learn how to clearly communicate needs and boundaries, how to circulate energy in Shiva-Shakti breathing, how to tune with a partner on all levels as well as preparing your body and mind for new experience.
Take a chance and enjoy sensual dance of sexual polarity.


Note! You do not have to be an advanced Tantrica to take part in this workshop.
However, due to the level of intimacy during the massage, we recommend it especially for couples and experienced people.
Everyone individually decides about one’s intimacy engagement in this experience.


During the workshop you will learn and experience:
  • Unique massage ritual celebrating a divinity of a woman and a man
  • Deep healing and relaxation through opening a body for more pleasure
  • New massage modality to offer to your clients if you are a professional massage therapists or want to become
  • Tantric Shiva-Shakti meditation creating a unique contact between giver and receiver that unites spirituality and sexuality as a preparation for massage
  • Intimacy renewing if you are in a sexual relationship
  • New dimension of body and spirit pleasure
  • Deepen knowledge of Wheel of Consent, communication tools to avoid the confusion and creating a safe space.  This way you will feel safely and learn to enjoy pleasure without fear of unpleasant situations.

You can come with your massage partner (no matter of gender) or come single and we will help to pair you up.
There is nudity during classes. There is no sex during classes.




Date: 5 – 9 June 2019
Hours: From Wednesday 5 PM to Sunday 5 PM
Venue: House of Tantra, Poland, Near Warsaw
Price: 400 eur
Prepayment (non-refundable): 200 eur You will receive futher details after registration.

  • Accommodation: in shared 4-5 person rooms at the place Additional costs 10 euro/night
  • Number of participants limited by the capacity of the venue. First paid first enrolled basis.

Registration:  >> Form

Information: dakinidorota@gmail.com