House of Tantra ·  3 January 2019



In New 2019, we wish us and all of you the authenticity and further discovery of internal treasures.
Who we are and what we bring for the world.
Having intention to activate our potential through joint action, transparency and communication.
We want to further develop sisterhood and brotherhood in the context of a new approach to sexual relations and energy.


The awakening of collective consciousness is expressed through readiness for change and openness to enter into relationships that support this process of awakening. Intensity and creative inspiration becomes more valuable than maintaining collective dreaming. Even when it means separation and shorter relationships. Also, more we are awake and mature, then less we fear of losing relationships and being abandoned.
We are opening up more and more often in our love relationships for more than one person. Collecting the results of many experiences in different bodies and dimensions, at some point in life, there is not one but a few people with whom we feel a deep connection. Life becomes more intense, which supports our healing and transformation.

At the time when integrated, mature beings meet, their union is no longer motivated by need to feed personal deficits, but comes from the willingness to share inner richness.
This transcends atomic family models and creates a new social formula – non-hierarchical communities that appreciate personal independence and the development of individuality. Communities which are creating a new reality, based on mutual respect and a combination of love relationships with the space of personal autonomy.


House of Tantra participates in this process. Our activity is part of collective evolution. It is about awakening the life force of every human being as well as the whole of society. We create a community of people following the path of freedom and personal power.
Through the path of sacred sexuality, where the universal energy of life – sexuality, becomes the driving force of individual and collective change and spiritual realization.


Namaste, House of Tantra Team