The journey to love and freedom


 House of Tantra · 13 January 2018


The journey to love and freedom can be divided in four major stages:.


First Union is individual empowerment and cleansing through activation of live energy.

Our sexual energy is directly connected to the source. Activation of live energy empowers our body and spirit. Energy cleans up unresolved personal issues and blockages. In order to follow spiritual path we need first get clean our shadows. Unlimited energy which is awaken we will need to move on the path.
Being stuck in this stage creates various kinds of ego power trip.
Especially we can be trapped by our dark parts.


Second Union is the quest for recognition what you really are.
This chapter is about practice of turning our light inside.
To bring all our efforts, desires and hopes into one. Holding the presence for our true essence. You feel very special because you are special.
Being stuck in this stage cause spiritual ego power trip.
We usually develop spiritual materialism.


Third Union is surrender to universe.
Which basically means going through death of limited parts of ourselves. Allowing to loose control and to step into the abyss.
More you give up, more you gain. You give up everything you gain all.
Staying there means you choose to stay awaken but alone on your mountain.


Fourth Union is a union of all.
This union is about experiencing great bliss.
That’s the place where actually awaken, conscious life starts.
On this stage your individual and your transpersonal powers are integrating.
You feel both oneness and diversity at the same time.
You become again ordinary, yet you express all existence in this very body.


But path has no end. Stopping here can create huge spiritual ego.
In this case you keep going back to Second Stage.