Ascension 2020


House of Tantra ·  3 October 2020



House of Tantra supports process of raising the collective planetarian consciousness to the so-called Fifth Density. 

As we may know, reality consists of many dimensions of existence which are related to vibrational frequency of our cosmic consciousness. The entire infinite manifestation of life, depending on the place of evolution, intentions and needs, occupies individual vibrational bands in the multidimensional cosmic matrix. From the most dense, low-vibrating spaces, minerals, plants and animals, through the development of individuality in positive and negative polarized worlds, to the group identity and non-material manifestations of collective consciousness. In each of these dimensions and density of existence, different laws of physics and biology apply, and time flows differently.
The fifth density of existence means the end of the inner and outer struggle, the fight between so-called positive and negative aspects. It results from a learned lesson of living in duality. Understanding and feeling all beings as „different” me.
In order for this to become possible and for us to actually transform into more luminous, high-vibration beings, we first need to transform the pain, trauma and energy blockages stored inside of us. Cleanse and release our accumulations in the body. Transform the internal structures that keep us suffering.
By transforming our personal shadow and the dense, dark parts of our individual structure, that can be fed and connected to the heart, we can prepare for the coming new planetary evolutionary cycle. Thanks to such preparation, it becomes possible to ascend at the level of our present physical body.



From the autumn equinox, process of purifying and preparing our energy, body and consciousness is intensifying, and it will last three months, until the winter solstice.
It is a time of turbulence, instability and uncertainty, because under the influence of waves of high-vibrational energy, the old paradigm is gradually decomposing, trying to counter it through social engineering and mass manipulation. This year’s winter solstice is correlated with the special alignment of the planets in our system in relation to the center of the galaxy, which is repeating every few hundred years. During this time, our planet will be strongly permeated by cosmic gamma rays, which can wake up inactive DNA of people who are open enough and prepared. This will open up new opportunities and talents related to the next stage of human development.
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With a collective consciousness awakening and a deeper understanding of the current situation, many of us will abandon our current alienated way of life in cities as well as harmful technologies. Many of us will find our tribe, people like ourselves, to build a New Earth together. Many people will settle in ecological communities to live close to nature, in harmony with the spirits of nature, becoming independent from the old system. Independent from the current economy and goods created by big corporations.

The time has come for the collective manifestation of the fifth dimension of existence on this planet, The New Earth. 


For all skilful adepts of the path, dakinis and dakas, at this turning point of winter solstice, we are opening the space for New Earth manifestation and a joint transition into a new reality.


Retreat ”ENTERING THE COSMIC BODY” is the third part of House of Tantra sacred sexuality program, which starts with the awakening and healing of sexuality, and is completed with the realisation of the mystical dimension of sexuality as well as recognition and integration of our true spiritual identity.

Grounded people, with the activated inner power flowing from sexual energy connected with the heart, will be able to synchronise together in the daily cosmic rituals opening the body memory, activating dormant DNA and extraordinary siddhis.
All experienced tantrikas are welcome.