House of Tantra · 6 December 2020



Closer and closer to the special time of the winter solstice on December 21, 2020. 
At the end of this year, the conjunction of the largest planets in the solar system will open a portal for a huge stream of energy flowing from the center of our galaxy. Waves of gamma rays adapting our bodies to a higher vibrational state of existence, the frequency of the so-called fifth density. The gate of the winter solstice means an even greater acceleration of collective karma and the activation of our previously dormant potential.
A magical space opens bearing the fruit of what we have sown.


It just so happens that we are here in this together, at a time of transition to a new stage of evolution on Earth. The current system not only no longer supports our development, but also leads to the degradation of the planet and the fall of humanity. This patriarchal era of wars, violence and domination on a deeper energetic level is gradually closing down.
The entire past year has been shaking humanity out of its collective trance. It was time of increasing polarization between two visions of our planet future:
The first vision results from the natural cycle of evolution and means a return to nature, community and civilization of the heart.
The second, which is a continuation of the patriarchy, seeks to capture the energy of Gaia and its people through an artificial intelligence program.
Everything that happens is related to the awakening of our life energy and consciousness. The rapidly changing theater of events and unexpected circumstances encourage us to verify our beliefs about ourselves and the world on an ongoing basis. Letting go of the existing identity while creating a place for a new one.
The awakening process involves many important decisions:
– Do we choose organic life in the community of people close to us, away from cities and harmful technologies? Or do we want to support new artificial intelligence technologies leading to the emergence of cybernetic humanity?
Do we choose to rise our consciousness and further develop closeness between people through shared ceremonies, daily meditation practices, and embodied spirituality.
Or do we like more technology and contact with others only via the Internet?
Do we make the decision to act for the benefit of all beings on Earth, seeing that everything is connected and interdependent? 
Or do we, like most people in the current system, only care about ourselves and our family, giving our spiritual identity and life energy for an illusory sense of stability and security?
Do we choose a red or a green pill?
Not seeing the consequences of these choices, many people refrain from making decisions.
But by looking at horizon of events non-linearly, the dice have already been cast.

It can be said that our higher self made these important decisions even before we were born. However, we are still in a place where we can still change them.


At this special time, let us join the people close to each other in celebration. Let’s organize ceremonies, circles, meet in meditation, dance, singing, physically and online. By connecting and raising vibrations in smaller groups, synchronizing with the great collective wave of planetary awakening. During this time, it will be important to activate our life force and connect feminine and masculine energy in the heart.
Let us join in mass meditation and celebration during this crucial time from December 20-22.
The peak of the solstice is on December 21. 2020 h. 11.02 CET.
The fire aspect is crucial in transforming and clearing the collective shadow and illuminating consciousness.
Therefore, it will be helpful to kindle the sacred fire, candles on the altars, community fires and keep them before and during the solstice for planetary cleansing and awakening.
ISTA’s Wild Love Movement initiated a global 24-hour fire vigilance for civilization changes and the initiation of the Earth.
The Global Center of Indigenous Sciences and Ancestral Wisdom has organized a holy fire campaign around the world, from December 11-22, 2020, 24/7.
We too, as the House of Tantra, synchronize with the planetary process through group work activating the memory of our multi-dimensional cosmic identity and celebrating the transition into a new cycle.