House of Tantra · 8 January 2021



As we wrote at the beginning of last year:

… the scenario of increasing computerization and the creation of bio-cybernetic humanity is being realized. Technological interference and genetic manipulation are forced by the immature male aspect, striving to gain full power and control over people. The purpose of this part of the collective consciousness is to keep society ignorant of the history of the Earth and to stop humanity’s awakening process that has been going on for some time. The coming time will further deepen the polarization between this new dark face of the patriarchal system and the movement of rebirth of female power, wisdom of the heart and the creation of a New Earth without hierarchy and violence, managed from below by local communities.
The time comes to see clearly what future we support through our daily choices and lifestyle. What do we really do and can do to heal ourselves and the world…


The scale and speed of activities of the corporate system that came shortly after, exceeded all expectations.
We have been and still are witnessing an extraordinary turbulence of negative and positive energies on Earth.
The whole past year and the present time is a surreal scenario of the “New Order” – a global game of the great reset, creating a fictional threat through absurd methods of the sanitary regime.

It was a year of cognitive shock for many who have so far ignored the fact that they live in a monopoly system dominated by a narrow circle of owners of the largest corporations.
For people who refused to see that our entire planet was poisoned by pushing oil industry technologies. That the same corporations that developed weapons of mass destruction, also produced our food poisoned with chemical components and genetically modified food. Also as pharmaceutical companies, they worked for the military on biological weapons and are currently developing vaccines that would “save” humanity.

The situation clearly shows, that a large part of humanity is unable to carry out a deeper analysis of the world we live in and still believes in the corporate media narrative.

We are witnessing a time when the majority of humanity is likely to be genetically manipulated on a massive scale with a forced RNA vaccine.
So the fate of the present and future generations of mankind is being shaped before our eyes. Division into two directions: Matriks and Natural Life.
How will continue the confrontation between the neo-fascist “New Order” and the awakened, conscious humanity?


This conscious part of humanity still has a lot to do as it still carries many wounds from the past. And only by healing and freeing ourselves from the history encoded in our DNA can we focus on building the New Earth. Only in this way can we leave the old order to itself, so that it collapses on its own, without entering into an unnecessary struggle with it.
For we see that the main cause of the negativity of this world is not outside.
If every individuality on this planet transformed its negative inner aspects, we would now be living in Paradise. Similar attracts similar. No harmful, parasitic energies would exist here anymore.
So much work awaits us on the new path. Learning to act together, respecting your individual needs and boundaries. Seeing each other as the multiple expression of one consciousness and energy. At the same time, developing the skills of transparent communication and expressing one’s deep intentions.


We believe that this era of wars, violence and domination of the existing order is coming to an end. We see how many of us wake up from sleep. We starting to recognize ourselves, who we really are, and why we are here right now.
We – beings who have undergone the harsh experiences of falling down in past civilization of Earth, are now reappearing so that this cycle will not repeat again.
Thanks to a global awakening of consciousness and understanding current situation at a deeper level, we will abandon our alienated way of life in cities and harmful technologies.
We will also find our tribe, people like ourselves, to live together close to nature, in harmony with the spirits of nature, becoming independent from the old system.
Together we will manifest the dreams of hundreds of generations who wanted to live in a New Earth, without violence and wars, where everyone can live together in abundance and mutual respect.



During the winter solstice, the conjunction of the planets, during the transition to the New Year, we opened up space for new energies, activated our hidden talents, and together we manifested our vision of the New Earth.

Recognizing a deeper dimension in each other, we opened the memory of old times and what was then between us.
We spent this time celebrating who we really are, and our re-union.

Let the seeds we sowed together, grow.