Acceleration of our evolution


 House of Tantra ·  27 March 2020



For many years we have been observing the rise of vibrations of our planet, which goes from sleep to the phase of awakening. It is associated with huge changes of the consciousness of all living beings and the magnetic field of the planet.  

This evolutionary acceleration on Earth is accompanied by the counter action of establishment which is trying to slow down this development. Present crisis is manufactured for great system reset and to introduce a new, more corporate and totalitarian form of order.
Difficult history, years of wars, violence and manipulation created sick civilization. We can see that direction of development that focuses on artificial intelligence is a continuation of old mistakes and is a dead end of any spiritual evolution.
Fabricated global pandemic shows how much today’s society is steerable from the outside. Many people experience now fear of the unknown and powerlessness . The sense of threat escalated by the mainstream media opens up the space for passing laws that, once introduced, remain permanent. For many people, a false sense of safety is more important than fundamental rights, freedom, privacy and freedom of speech.


 A real pandemic has been going on for many years. It is a disease of ignorance, lethargy, indifference to environmental degradation, and lack of compassion for the suffering of beings.


Looking at the current situation from a broader, positive perspective, this situation appears to wake us up and to reveal the truth about the reality we live in. To discover what is underneath the facade called democracy. To unfold deeper layer of reality, what is really going on this planet.
What is even more important, this is time of reflection diverting attention to our interior. Asking who we really are and where we come from, we can access higher state of consciousness.
Also it gives us time to sum up our lives and decide in which direction we want to go further. Are we in favor of technological improvement of nature, our bodies and minds, or do we want to develop through natural spiritual power flowing from within us and connecting with mother Earth?

We are going through a difficult period of adapting our bodies and minds to the new frequency in which our planet enters. Isolation from the world will show what needs to be healed within us and what needs to be healed  in the relation to others.

Stress and uncertainty of coming future can release fear, helplessness and anger. Many of the unresolved emotional issue from the past will demand healing at an accelerated pace. Escape mechanisms and depressive states may increase. In this situation, it is good to be more open for receiving support from others, and to be there for them as well. Perhaps thanks to this experience we will in future more appreciate direct, deeper contacts with people. Maybe it’s worth thinking about the positive possibilities of living in a community of like-minded people. A community that gives support in difficult times.


 The coming years are the twilight of the Kali Yuga era, a transitional time that is always accompanied by turbulence.


This is the beginning of a chain of events that can change a lot of what we have thought about ourselves and the world we live in so far. There may be different scenarios for upcoming changes. The shape of the landscape after these changes depends largely from us. Most of us underestimate the power of collective manifestation. Undoubtedly, the world in which we currently live is a manifestation of our collective subconscious. Our fears, resentments and anger, all kinds of projections, are shaping this reality to a great extent.
If we can combine a common vision of a world free from violence with the concentration and power of our inner passion, this vision will become a reality.
Our future will be shaped through individual and group work on transformation of our shadow parts and the collective subconsciousness of this planet. Integrating unconscious and repressed aspects and taking responsibility for what we co-create will be crucial.


Everything that lives, including bacteria and viruses, are spiritual beings. Spirit beings that mutate quickly  depending on the frequencies affecting them. Collective intention, joint prayers and meditations combined with visualization have great transformation power. At present, the virus is undergoing positive transformation due to many global meditation initiatives and collective love sent into space. I strongly believe that instead of killing, it will contribute to the global awakening of humanity.