Dance of a Fire Snake

Advanced Tantric Temple Massage 5-day Course

Facilitated by Dechen Dorje



This retreat introduce you into next level of Temple Arts practices. The rituals will be held in pairs and groups of three, deepening  acivation of masculine and feminine aspects.
All people are invited who are already familiar with tantric massage (singles or couples) to the advanced Tantric Temple Massage workshop.

This course is dedicated to activate a vital energy of evolution, in East called Kundalini.
Whole process of this work aim to heal  past wounds and traumas stored in the cells of our bodies.

In ancient matriarchy times, temples run by women flourished. Temple priestesses used sexual energy to heal, to release and cleanse, to activate self recovery forces and initiate people into spiritual realm. Temples were in the center of villages, respected by whole community. Sexual energy was recognized  and worshiped as a most sacred universal force. This massage ritual is directly connected to these temple rites.

Uniqueness of this massage is, that regardless of a sex gender, both giver and receiver during whole ritual are in their  feminine essence. Our whole body is involved in this massage. We express our snake aspect using snakelike massaging movements. Touch is conscious, deep, slow and entwining. Sexual energy is activated and transformed. Whole process launches self-healing capabilities of a body, opens to an ecstatic experience, and unfoldes new gates of perception. This is a full body massage including Yoni and Lingam ritualistic massage.

Fire snake massage starts with head massage, thus a receiver can relax and surrender, allowing oneself to dissolve in space and expose heart. In the state of deep relaxation and letting go, one can release old wounds and sorrows. Shakti energy is activated. Life force energy starts to flow and vibrates with every cell of our body, spreading in all directions.‏‎‏


During the workshop you will learn and experience:
  • tantric meditation, creating a special connection between a giver and a receiver receiving the massage in a sacred space; the unity of Spirit and Body, which allows you to go beyond your regular experience.
  • wheel of consent, a transparent communication tool for expressing your needs and boundaries, creating a safe and opening space to receive.
  • activation and integration of inner underground structures
  • step by step massage guidelines with demo.
  • deeply healing and activating unique massage ritual‌

Tantric massage is far more than just a method. It is spiritual practice celebrating deep intimate connection through touch. We need a full presence in a body and for another person, with sensual and slow body motions expressing deep intimacy. Therefore, in addition we will learn also appropriate meditation techniques, clear communication and other tools giving us the ability to perform tantric massage in a right way.

You will experience waking up a body and spirit through tantric ritual massage. You will raise your life force opening to the bliss and joy. It’s a great way to release and activate a physical and energetic body.

 Who is this course suitable for? Important!
  • For experienced adepts of tantric massage
  • With the possibilities of taking flexible body position (massage on mattresses on a floor). Max. weight 90 kg (we massage also with our body)
  • For people with healed emotional and sexual wounds.
  • For men and women with feminine essence activated within
  • For singles or couples