Affirmation of sovereignty. Creating space for the New Earth


 House of Tantra ·  7 May 2020



Recognizing my identity and responsibility for the world.


I recognize myself as an integral part of divine consciousness and its energy.
I recognize myself as a multidimensional cosmic being, who has the huge power to manifest this reality.
I understand that by diminishing myself and others, I cut off and negate my ability to shape the world.
I recognize my unity and identity with the collective consciousness of the Earth and its inhabitants.
I see beauty and light in everything, I also see the suffering, manipulation and intervention
that have long existed on this planet that inhibits the process of humanity awakening and the evolution of consciousness.
I see that everything that happens in this world is part of me and I am responsible for the shape of this reality.
I am also responsible for passivity and allowing action directed against the life and free will of conscious beings.
Focusing on positive aspects and high vibrations, I simultaneously recognize and do not ignore destructive aspects of reality,
understanding the need to work on the transformation of individual and collective shadow.



Proclamation of sovereignty of my existence.


I call upon the Great Cosmic Mother Space and the Primordial Consciousness.
I recall all my connections with enlightened beings in all times and dimensions.
As a divine source of life present in this body, I establish sovereignty and proclaim autonomy over my mind, body and soul in all times, dimensions of reality.
Here and now all energetic blockages and implants obscuring my perception, feeling and power are removed from my body, heart and mind.
Here and now I denounce all contracts and wows concluded in all times and dimensions.
I break and cancel all vows of obedience, silence, martyrdom, poverty, sacrifice to any ideology.
All other promises blocking my individual evolution and the highest good of beings.
Drawing force from within, I make all the choices myself, stand in my power and express my truth.
I don’t allow any disturbing energies, thought forms, patterns and programs.
I declare my peace and peace for all mankind. Here it is.



Transcending duality. Embracing and forgiving negative forces as part of One.


Recognizing my unity with the world and energy interdependence, I perceive the whole world within myself.
My inner microcosm represents the whole reality we live in,
containing all personal and collective processes that are taking place right now.
I see the world as a collective projection, which develops through the opposition of light and darkness, positive and negative aspects.
Thanks to this, I can transcend the dualistic dimension of existence,  settling in the original unity of space and light.
Embracing personal and collective shadow and darkness becomes possible by deeply forgiving myself and others
for all negative actions that have been accumulated in the common field.
By meeting the negative and positive aspects of the world within myself, raising them to my heart and consciousness,
I can transform and heal the collective roots of suffering in this world.