Introduction into tantric path

Online weekend workshop

27-28 March 2021

Facilitated by Dechen Dorje

From the perspective of the human body, reality consists of four basic aspects. Force coming from below, power coming from above, the third aspect is the center and the fourth is embracing all of them. These four primal aspects have the possibility to transform dense, dormant levels of existence into pure vision. They have the power to transform personal and collective suffering into bliss....

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Kashmiri Tantric Massage Ritual

Traditional tantric massage ritual course

10-13 September, Poland near Warsaw

Facilitated by Dechen Dorje

You will learn and experience a deeply relaxing and healing traditional massage Shiva-Shakti. Beautiful and sensual massage ritual that comes from northern India from the tradition of Kashmir Shaivism. It combines heart, body and spirit, activating and cleansing the chakras. It introduces bliss experienced within a whole being. You will experience a deep connection within yourself and opening up for the inner, sensual flow of life energy. This massage is more intense than other types of massage as it strongly activates a flow of energy through specific body position (asanas). This is not just a massage...

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Meeting with your Man

Inner Union

3 - 8 November 2020, Poland

6 - day tantric workshop for women

Facilitation: Dechen Dorje & Arya Tara

View of tantra or tao describes the world through the polarities of masculine and feminine aspects. Female  - male, yang - ying, two poles that create our universe, through mutual attraction and striving toward union. Everything that exists, every atom, is made up of these two elements. ...

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Sacred Union of Dakas and Dakinis


29 December 2020- 2 January 2021. Retreat Center near Wroclaw, Poland

Facilitated by: Dechen Dorje & Team

The workshop is based on tantric and sacred sexuality work with the body, which activates our primary life energy, enabling the alchemical process of connecting Body and Spirit. The foundation and aim of workshop process will be activation of our active feminine aspect within us. ...

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Holistic Tantric Massage Master Program

25-days professional certificated massage program

I module - 17-21 March 2021. Workshop Center near Wroclav, Poland

Facilitation: Dechen Dorje

The Tantra House invites you to tantric massage program for professionals. The program consists of five workshops, each lasting five days. Includes five levels of initiation containing theory, tantric practice and six different modalities of tantric massage. The whole program is crowned with the certificate of completion of the master program, which is also the recognition of professional qualifications by the Tantra House....

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Introduction into Four Pillars of Tantra

Weekend workshop for singles & couples

30 April - 2 May 2021 near Arezzo, Italy

Facilitated by Dechen Dorje

This weekend experimental workshop will initiate you into a unique method of Four Pillars of Tantra, created by Dechen Dorje together with Estera Saraswati. It is a fast track into the essence of Tantra, a path of embodied spirituality and ecstatic self-liberation from matrix illusions. The spontaneous unconditioned joy arises from the inner union of masculine and feminine essence. Both of them take an active and passive form. Four of them, all together and ability to shift easily from one to another, give a real freedom and deep insight into main spiritual searches - who...

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Tantric Temple Ritual ”Summoning the Dragon”

Advanced Tantric Temple Massage Course

Facilitated by Dechen Dorje

We invite people who are already familiar with tantric massage to the tantric temple massage workshop. The intention of this massage ritual is awakening of internal non-dual power connected with the heart. Another is the transformation of the negative experiences recorded in the cells of our body and their renewal through internal alchemy. ...

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Senses Wide Open

Unique tantric massage course

Facilitated by Dechen Dorje

Enjoy a unique Tantric Massage course where you will learn not only the techniques but also how to evoke a full presence in your body, slow and sensual touch expressing spirituality and how to create a deep connection between giver and receiver. Therefore, in addition to massage, you will learn the proper introduction meditation, clear communication, and other experiences and tools that give you the possibility to make a exceptional Tantric Massage. This is a good start if you are new to Tantric Massage, and for those who are more advanced in massages, you will expand your expeirence and tools...

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Dance of a Fire Snake

Advanced tantric temple massage course

Facilitated by Dechen Dorje

This retreat introduce you into next level of advanced Temple Arts practises. The rituals will be held in pairs and groups of three, deepening initiation of masculine and feminine aspects. All people are invited who are already familiar with tantric massage (singles or couples) to the advanced Tantric Temple Massage workshop. This course is dedicated to activate a vital energy of evolution, in East called Kundalini. Whole process of this work aim to heal past wounds and traumas stored in the cells of our bodies. In ancient matriarchy times, temples run by women flourished. Temple priestesses used sexual energy to heal,...

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