House of Tantra ·  2 January 2020


In recent years, the scenario of increasing computerization and creation of bio-cybernetic humanity has been implemented. Technological interference and genetic manipulations are forced by the immature male aspect, striving to gain full power and control over people.
The purpose of this part of the collective consciousness is to keep humanity ignorant of Earth’s history and to stop the process of awakening, which has been going on for some time.

At the same time, more and more people are renewing their connections to the Earth and the original strength hidden in our bodies. Shamanic and pagan traditions are coming back, restoring unity with nature and with other people.
The coming time will further deepen the polarization between this new dark face of the patriarchal system and the movement of the revival of feminine power, wisdom of the heart and the creation of a New Earth without hierarchy and violence, managed by local communities.
It is time to see clearly what future we support through our daily choices and lifestyle. What we really do and can do to heal ourselves and the world.
The coming year is a continuation of increasing people’s awareness and developing individual and collective autonomy. The focus is on transparent communication and  the bodywork to transform personal and collective shadow.

Many things happened in each of us last year. Through the path of sacred sexuality, we were able to access our inner power, recognizing who we really are in this body. Getting to know our deeper identity. Many released traumas, pain  and old wounds from the body. Some of us learned how to better protect ourselves and set our personal boundaries . We started a journey to the dimension of our primal power, mystical sexuality, freedom and heart.
House of Tantra invites you to continue this path to develop the healing potential of yourself and others. To support each other and create an alternative to the current system.
We welcomed a new time during the workshop ”Sacred Union of Dakas and Dakinis”. In the final ceremony, we connect the delicate, soft essence of femininity with the pure enlightened masculine force that comes from above.
Our intention for the next year is to focus on transforming the immature, dark aspects of masculinity by connecting them with consciousness and compassion.
We wish you the consolidation of internal power, heart sensitivity and clarity of vision.