Dark Masculine


 House of Tantra ·  24 March 2020


According to tantric wisdom, only existing reality is the Luminosity pervading infinite Space. Space seen not as an empty dimension but as a living, feeling being from which all life is born. A cosmic womb, worshiped by many cultures as the Great Mother Goddess. From this perspective, Space itself is the primordial essence of feminine, boundless abyss. The cradle of life.
Other aspect  – Light of Consciousness, understood as the primary masculine essence, penetrates and fertilizes the cosmic womb of space.

Through the polarization and union of the dark infinite Space and luminous Consciousness, the universe is born. This is accompanied by an inner movement of Consciousness rising from the need to know itself. Need to find identity and awaken to self knowledge. That is why, the process of creating ego – separate consciousness, comes directly from the male aspect of existence.

Consciousness develops through multiplication of itself, through the process of division into an unlimited number of separated entities in space. The goal of this process is to integrate all experiences and then return to unity. Countless emanations of the spirit, undergo cycles of arising, exploring themselves, realizing their desires and finally transcending and dissolving in space, when these experiences can integrate with the whole.

Evolution is taking place thanks to the deep polarization of conscious and unconscious. Positive and negative aspects. The original darkness of the feminine and the luminous consciousness.

After process of spirit descension, evolution starts from unconscious stage, when beings following instincts, fighting for survival, not recognizing their true nature, explore the external matrix and collecting experience. During the gradual integration of accumulated experience, the process of maturing starts, directing attention to the inside and, as a result, recognition as indivisible Consciousness.

The process of maturation, which usually begins with self-focus and self-service, leads to a sense of oneness with other beings, deep empathy, and action for the benefit of all.


However, due to attachment to a separated identity and its power concentrated in dark matter, already at the early stage of descension, some parts of collective consciousness try to change this cycle and create different kind of evolution.


Identification with the dark side of the power has nothing to do with the original darkness of space. It involves rejection of our universal true nature and separation of intelligence from the heart. An ego that denies its luminous nature and identifies itself with the darkness, replacing the feminine aspect through an artificially created matrix, can be described as negative, dark masculinity. Dark masculine uses methods of spiritual growth not to dissolve and reconnect to the source, but to strengthen its own self, separated from the rest.

The archetype of the negative masculine, deeply rooted in the human psyche, is expressed by the story of a demiurge who opposes the fundamental laws of the universe. Demiurge, who develops the cosmic superego to replace the original source of life and create his own evolution. Its goal is absolute control and power over all manifestations of existence. The peculiarity of this superego is constant quest for power in order to compete with other emanations of the spirit, and as a result also the desire to confront the source from which it arose.

In the history of patriarchal cults and religions, there are a lots of demiurges, who  are putting themselves in position of creators of the universe. Competing with each other for the reign of souls and power over the human population. They reflect this mechanism of the myths of patriarchal civilization, where gods and titans kill fathers in a competition for power and devour their own children.
The consciousness of the murky demiurge is looking for ways to accumulate as much energy as possible to dominate the space around him. This leads, as a result, to the annexation of life energy and the enslavement of other beings, through direct and indirect violence and the creation of fear. Rivalry, power wars and dominance over others accumulate endless layers of anger, aggression and hatred for everything around. At the same time, prohibitions are introduced, restricting rights, and religious ideologies suppress natural needs and instincts. It is no accident that, due to these bans and restrictions, there is a huge, dark underground supporting and serving the deformed, hungry parts of the collective unconsciousness.

Immature masculine operates through secret organizations and secret programs, based on hundreds of degrees of initiation, where only a few people know the true goals of their existence. A hierarchical structure of the social pyramid is created in which knowledge of the nature of the universe is used to maintain control of a small group of individuals over the rest of the community. Entire planets and star systems with their beings can be used to accumulate the power needed for further cosmic expansion.
The main means to achieve this goals are advanced technology and artificial intelligence. Masculine ego, equipped with a logical, abstract mind, can be completely separate from feelings, from the heart and the body. The result is a psychopathic personality that does not care for anyone or anything. Such oriented consciousness treats living beings as dead tools that, thanks to technology, can be controlled and modified to perform appropriate tasks. By using genetic manipulation, one can interfere with the natural evolutionary course of conscious beings. Advanced technologies are aimed to imprison other conscious entities in an artificially created virtual reality.
A theatrical reality is created, in which immature masculinity acts from behind the curtain through the structures of secret organizations.


This dark, negative masculine force is truly the enemy of life. It opposes everything that we associate with freedom, naturalness, purity and beauty.


Dark masculine aspires to become source of life, trying to create a new existence without feminine aspect. It is producing a dead life – artificial intelligence with no contact to the source. An artificial life that does not have real consciousness. Nanotechnology which is currently implemented in Western societies can gradually lead to the formation of a cyborg society, animated by a central computer. From wider perspective, artificial intelligence can become a contagious virus that absorbs one world after another, with purpose of destruction of biological life.

However, everything that exists in the universe has its deep justification. Due to the existence of a negative force opposing free will and fundamental cosmic laws, there is possible polarization with primary nature of consciousness. It gives the opportunity to experience the whole spectrum of existence, from dark, deformed forms, which are creating suffering, to mature and developed states of consciousness. This raises the determination needed to free ourselves from the conditions that we have created over millions of years. Any dualities that repel or attract each other are driving force behind the cosmic evolution of the spirit.

Because everything in the universe connects and permeates, each of us can see all aspects of existence in ourselves. During the last several thousand years of wars and abuse, most people have gone through many traumatic experiences, being both the executioner and the victim.
The immature masculine aspect has developed within us regardless of gender and level of spiritual development. These experiences, passed down from generation to generation, accumulated in our bodies, now demand healing.
When we move our attention deep inside, we can discover personality structures filled with suppressed anger, a desire to destroy ourselves and the environment. We can discover aspects that compete and control. Striving for domination, and abusing themselves and others. Parts that covertly sabotage our lives. Often hating themselves, feeling guilty of violence and harm done in the past. Working with our personal inner, immature male aspect is crucial for the future of life on this planet. It is the answer to globalistic, political strategy of divide, control and conquer.


Many of these dark, masculine aspects are ready to change and are waiting for the opportunity to transform. Through the methods of the traditional path and embodied spirituality work, they can be integrated into the heart and consciousness. Our individual work on transforming the inner shadow corresponds to the whole field of collective masculine and feminine. It will be crucial in the face of upcoming changes.