House of Tantra ·  13 August 2018


Many of us live in the inside of a self-winding whirl of everyday activity, having a feeling of being overwhelmed, lacking time and space for ourselves and our loved ones. Every moment, we are bombarded with millions of stimuli, information is coming from all directions. At the same time, we have the opportunity to assimilate and digest only a few percent of what comes to us at the moment. That is why we limit ourselves to the part of us that is practical, focused on an immediate goal.
If something does not bring a quick effect, we leave it and start something else. Meanwhile, in what we miss the most, in magic, love, and the sense of freedom, there are no shortcuts. On the contrary, here we need more relaxation and sinking deeper into feeling when we are guided by intuition rather than rational mind. Therefore, we need time to stop, calm down, and listen to our inner world. Freeing yourself from the overflow of stimuli. We need a meditative practice.
A new day is coming,
Let’s start with the meditation of letting go.
Sacrify all your projects and unrealized needs, intentions.
Let us offer these longings, desires, and give them up to the Space.
We can imagine a cosmic altar on which the eternal fire of life burns.
Let’s offer it all to the Fire. Let it burn all unrealized needs and life goals. Let it burn everything that guides us, our visions and intentions. Remember that the greatest obstacle to achieving our desires is too strong attachment to those desires.

Give up also this what we seem to be most attached to:
painful places and wounds dormant inside of us. Places that we hide deeply from the eyes of the world. In fact, on our conscious decision depends whether we want to live fully, experience openness, joy and bliss, or perhaps we prefer to remain locked in the old pattern of separation from others.
Let’s make a balefire of all plans and strategies, your ideas for a life, sincerely offering them to the fire.
We will get what we need most at the beginning of the day:
A vast, clear space that opens up unlimited possibilities.