Four Pillars of Tantra retreat

Week long retreat “Four Pillars of Tantra © “

Facilitated by Dechen Dorje with Team




We are inviting all seekers to join deep immersion into wisdom of tantric path. It is a unique retreat where you will participate in tantric practices and rituals,  to embrace more freedom, active compassion and creative juiciness in your life. During week long Four Pillars training you will experience an alchemy of primordial essences of reality that will initiate deep integration and alignment process on inner and outer level. Sense of fulfillment, joy and deeper understanding of our life and path is another outcome of this retreat.


About retreat

This intense retreat will deepen your tantric path through a unique method of Four Pillars of Tantra, created by Dechen Dorje together with Estera Saraswati, that is a fast path of embodied spirituality and ecstatic self-liberation from matrix illusions. This method emerged out of rich personal experience, transmissions and wisdom of traditional tantra. Contemporary skillful means help to adjust traditional path to modern men and women in the most effective and accessible way.

This training is not about sexual healing or personal processing of emotional wounds. During this retreat you will receive a lot of knowledge, wisdom and experience of four aspects of life.  Your capacity of experiencing joy, ease, love and freedom in your daily life will expand.


Outer Creator is dead
When one experiences alchemy of Four Pillars of Tantra, one gets an immediate insight that there is nothing outside of oneself determining or dooming one’s life. Than there is no need to follow a anyone or look for a temporary satisfaction and fulfillment in a short outburst of completive energies.
By awakening primordial, wild, powerful, creative potential, one starts to create own’s reality instead of adjusting to the existing one. New quality of life starts when one opens access to inexhaustible resources of energy which flows through a body from all directions.
The only condition for this to happen is to create an inner polarization. It works similar to a magnetic field, that is between two opposite poles, when a current starts to flow. This awaken and cultivated inner polarization will inflame and keep alive our inner fire. This fire never fades and it is full of joyful passion, power and bliss. When this hot, blissful energy vibrates in whole body, one see how thoughts, dreams and desires start to manifest effortlessly. The only important thing is to surrender to the flow of interdependent creation. Fiery energy ascending through the body will give light and clarity showing direction one needs to take. If each moment one asks where lies the source of creation, one can recognize own true desires and can foresee the effects of own actions. Connection of fire, clarity and insight gives possibility for self empowerment, taking responsibility for all that happens in one’s life and finally take main, center place in own’s life mandala, own world.


Great Mother Space

Everything incessantly appears from space and comes back to space. In traditional tantric view, space is seen as mother of all beings and all phenomena as it gives birth to everything. Thus according to this approach, it can be said that one lives inside a big womb of cosmic mother. With each breath one dies and is reborn.  When surrender to pulse of life happens, one stops to be separate, one melts and come back home, to the source, in order to emerge in a new scene, more whole and aligned with oneself. More one allows the old to go away, more space there is for new one. During numerous meditation sessions in the retreat, we will have an opportunity to enter a space of deep surrender and letting go.

Union of attracting opposites is the source of life that has been rebirthing in an unlimited space. Light and darkness, chaos and harmony, fire and water, masculine and feminine. Universe is unceasing dance of polarities aiming to union. Macro and microcosmos are pervading with each other. Thus law of attraction and union refers also to atoms of body and structures of personality.


What do Four Pillars of Tantra offer?

Activation of these four essences liberates oneself from conditioning and limitations as well as takes one closer to fulfilled, abundant, loving life. It creates a strong flow of sexual energy within a flexible and spacious sacred container of a body without need of discharging the energy. Then one co-creates connections that open to higher levels of consciousness and insights.

  • true, unconditioned freedom
  • inner peace due to letting go of attachment and clinging
  • strong sense of unconditioned safety within
  • ability to effectively manifesting dreams and desires
  • stability in life, in challenging or euphoric situations
  • clarity of insight and deeper understanding of world of phenomena
  • accepting and celebrating whatever comes to our life
  • clear life direction and purpose
  • effectiveness and courage in taking actions and accomplishing projects
  • fiery passion of life as an endless source of energy


Mandala of Four Pillars
Past experiences held in a body relate to feminine and masculine structures that we call inner man and inner women. The essence of Tantric path is to unify them within and evolve from root chakra up. During tantric practices we link inner and outer levels through practice with tantric partner. Inner parts interact not only with each other but also with inner structures of a partner, that multiplies power of polarization. We introduce transpersonal level to this process as primordial aspects of reality that is represented by masculine and feminine essence. It is all set up in a sacred geometry expressed by Four Pillars.
When learning to embody changing aspects of reality, one stops to be stuck in one part of oneself. One stops to identify oneself with one part only. As a result more freedom and authenticity of expression is gained.
Tantric practice in mandala of Four Pillars offers deep understanding of who we are and realization of our own potential.
During this retreat one will meet many insights, moments of  healing, recognition, revelation and bliss.


What modalities can you expect?
  • sitting meditation
  • tantric rituals, initiations and pujas
  • Tantric dance
  • yogic breath modalities
  • tantric constalations
  • inner yoga
  • massage and temple tantric bodywork
  • sexual energy work – orgasmic bliss


Who is it suitable for?
  • This is an advanced tantric retreat, the prerequisite you can find below.
  • Singles and pairs, who are ready to work also with other people (to swap), are welcome. We will practice alone, in rotating pairs and in small groups. During this retreat everyone is invited to see other person as a tantric consort reflecting your inner partner.
  • There is no sex during classes.
  • There will be nudity.
  • You decide how much you engage according to your personal boundaries in the moment.
  • Aim of this retreat is deepening your personal tantric practice, not sexual exploration or relationship bonding.


Prerequisite for this retreat 
  • Basic family therapy – healed basic core wounds
  • healed mental illnesses if any – mental and emotional stability
  • sexual healing, body de-armouring (obligatory) – free inner flow of sexual energy
  • experience in sitting meditation
  • workshop experience on tantric path
  • people who have never been on any of our retreats, we can contact to get more information about your path and if this retreat is suitable for you