Holistic Tantric Massage Master Program


I module – 17-21 March 2021
Workshop Center near Wroclav, Poland
Facilitation: Dechen Dorje
25-days professional certificated massage training


House of Tantra invites you to tantric massage program for tantric adepts and all people interested in tantric path with focus on bodywork.
The program consists of five workshops, each lasting five days.
Includes five levels of initiation containing theory, tantric practice and six different modalities of tantric massage. The whole program  is crowned with the certificate of completion of the master program, which is also the recognition of professional qualifications by House of Tantra.


Module I. Opening the Gates of Perception
Containing basic information about tantra, tantric massage and principles of creating sacred and safe space. It includes step by step classical tantric massage.


Module II. Activation of the Sacred Union
Discovering the principles of inner alchemy and deeper understanding of tantra. Introduction to the practice of tantra yoga.
The study and practice of traditional tantric massage coming from India .


Module III. Integration of Heart and Sexuality Poles
Further deepening the knowledge about the tantra path. Masculine and feminine approach to tantra and massage. Active and passive feminine and masculine aspects in Four Pillars of Tantra system. Learning and practice of sensual lingam massage, harmonising massage of the yoni.


Module IV. Liberation of the Secret Energy.
Instructions on the secret level of tantra. Creation of protective boundaries and guidelines of leading tantric rituals. Theory and practice of advanced tantric temple massage connected with snake energy. Deeply cleansing and transforming tantric massage.


Module V. Awakening of Power. From Darkness to Bliss
The process of awakening of individual nondual power connected to the heart. The knowledge and practice of advanced tantric massage connected with the energy of the dragon.
Practical summary of the program.


Tantric massage is a special contact with other human beings, in which you reconnect them to their original, pure essence. Along the path, we can come across many obstacles and blocks, both as giver and receiver. This program will teach you how to deal with them so that the ritual of massage become a beautiful, enriching experience and people come back for more. An important aspect is also the distinction between private tantric massage and the professional offer. The different guidelines and other space is required to make magic happen and that everyone feels comfortable. Many people, both receiving and giving, do not have such a conscious distinction, so they may not return or feel overwhelmed, discouraged, intimidated.
One issue is how to deal with the possible processes of the receiving person and take care of her comfort, the second issue is to take care of your own comfort and your energetic safety as a massage therapist.


What can you expect during the course?

The program covers the following areas:


I. Technique – detailed learning of the secrets of 6 tantric massage modalities:


Classical tantric massage  >> more about…
Traditional tantric massage Shiva Shakti from Kashmir  >> more about…
• Harmonizing lingam massage
• Harmonizing yoni massage
Advanced tantric temple massage associated with Snake energy  >> more about…
Advanced tantric temple massage associated with Dragon energy  >> more about…


II.  Tantra Yoga  practice


• Krija Tantra breathing practices other traditional breathing exercises
• Science and practice of energy circulation in internal subtle channels
• practices of energy exchange and circulation in tandem with an external partner
• meditation practices with sound and visualization


III. Health and Safety policy – energetic backyard of the massage therapist – principles of safety and creation of healthy, high vibrational environment


• Learning to create a safe space for optimal massage
• principles in tantric private and professional massage
• learning to cut off receiver energy and clean up;
• Learn to balance the masculine and feminine approach to massage to avoid being burn out
• Learn how to complete a process that can be triggered in receiver during a massage
• Case study (case studies), FAQs (questions and answers), difficulties – addressing from the level of techniques and consciousness


IV. Tantra – Topics and Knowledge


•  Concept of tantra and tantric massage
• Characteristic of feminine and masculine
• Types and dimensions of tantric touch
• Knowledge of chakras in a tantric context
•  The body as a multidimensional conglomerate of experiences
•  Maps of vibrational levels and energy circulations
•  Active and passive feminine and masculine aspects
•  Obstacles in receiving and giving tantric massage




• For tantric massage therapists to improve their skills and knowledge

• For all tantric adepts and practitioners,  who are interested in bodywork and temple arts
• For masseurs of other modalities, who want to expand the range of their work
• For those who feel called to become a tantric massage therapist
• For those who want to grow and deepen the practice of tantric massage




• Dates:
I module – 17-21 March 2021, from Wednesday 10 am till Sunday 4 pm;
II module – 21-25 April 2021, from Wednesday 10 am till Sunday 4 pm;
III module – 9-13 June 2021, from Wednesday 10 am till Sunday 4 pm;
IV module – 1-5 September 2021, from Wednesday 10 am till Sunday 4 pm;
V module – 13-17 October 2021, from Wednesday 10 am till Sunday 4 pm;
• Venue: Workshop Center near Wroclav, Poland
• Investment:  1500 eu
• Prepayment: 500 eu
(nonrefundable). Bank account details will be provided after registration.
Accommodation costs: 130-170 eu / one module
• Info: [email protected]
Enrollment: by registration form  >> HERE >>
• Language: English/Polish