Journey to personal Underground


House of Tantra · 4 March 2021




 We are the fractals of one hologram, therefore if you really change from inward, whole hologram will shift. And real shift within is possible, when whole spectrum of frequencies, contained in our body, mind and soul is awaken, and then align with each other in synchrony. So, what it means?
That we can not really progress as individual and society without transforming our personal shadows. Everything inside what is hidden and suppressed  needs to come to the light. In this age of evolutionary acceleration, all past traumas and pain, unresolved emotional problems and fears, can no longer be ignored and swept under the rug.


Looking from a broader perspective, we are going through a very important time of paradigm shift in life on Earth. We are witnessing an awakening of planetary consciousness, and an obvious leap in evolution. For 50 years, the Shumann Resonance has been growing steadily. More and more people are waking up and asking questions:

Who are we? Where are we coming from? What are we doing here?
Why for many thousands of years we have lived in times of violence, wars, taking in possession the nature and other beings. Why do we co-create an unimaginable amount of suffering?
At the same time, we are dealing with the pollution of the Earth by the poisonous technologies of the last two centuries. Our civilization, whose technology is endangering life on this planet, is like a organism, seriously ill with cancer, exhausted, waiting for the right medicine. The current system, created by big corporations, with our active or passive participation, has led to the degradation of the planet, and is no longer able to maintain its status quo.


The corporate order, monopolizing the banking sector, the media, guiding the direction of the development of technical and scientific thought, over the past 100 years, has gradually gained control over most governments in the world. Over the past decades, the ground has been prepared for slowing down the evolution of human consciousness. Through many different projects, which are integrating the human organism with artificial intelligence, to those, which are working on human genotype modification.

At the moment, the basic tool in the process of creating a cybernetic society is the controlled economic collapse of most countries in the world, triggered by so called “lockdowns” accompanying an artificially fabricated pandemic.

This is part of a global reset planned some time ago through the World Economic Forum and the 2030 Agenda, and it is very important for us to be clear about the real intentions behind this crisis. The corporate system’s plan to seize the rest of the world’s resources, land, water, and food ownership is evident. It is leading to total economic dependence from corporate monopoly.
In December 2020, the World Economic Forum published a video advertising the goals of the 2030 Agenda and the 4th industrial revolution.
The motto of the film says:
“I have nothing and I am happy”

More information on the great reset, artificial intelligence and 4th industrial revolution:


It is crucial to recognize the bigger context of what is happening on Earth over the past decades and now.

The next stage in the evolution of mankind means the end of the struggle, the fight of so-called positive and negative aspects. It results from a learned lesson of living in duality. It is about collective transition to a higher level of existence. As humanity, we are already on the threshold of this transition.

In this context, we experience the culminating stage of the expansion of the immature masculine ego trying to possess and control everything, as it has been throughout whole era of patriarchy.
Suffering on this planet is still needed for many of us, to close the karmic cycle of experience, transformation and integration. With this in mind, we can support others in the process of healing, releasing, and gradual awakening.


On the tantric path, every experience is fuel for grow.

We can see the present circumstances as a support for our personal progress, the process of becoming independent. Path to becoming a fully autonomous individual. Since the emergence of the ​​humanism idea in Europe, democratic values ​​have supported the development of our individuality and personal freedom. They stimulated the consolidation of personal experience in this density and the recognition of our deeper identity as a multidimensional being.

The cycle of construction and expansion of individuality is completed through full independence from the external level of existence. It becomes possible by shifting our attention inward and discovering the source of all creation within.

The crowning process of this stage of evolution, is the recognition of our original essence and the realisation of total freedom inside. Only from this place of autonomy can we learn living in interdependence and community.

From this space of inner freedom and understanding, we become ready to combine our talents and energies in common action. In building an alternative, organic paradigm for life on this planet, resulting from the return to life in nature.
With a sensible and critical approach to technology.


From this place I believe in being ready:

  • to come together to step outside the fiction
  • to live organic life in the nature
  • to create communities with resonating souls
  • to support each other in personal and spiritual grow
  • to educate mainstream about situation on the planet and its deeper meaning
  • to embrace and transform our individual and collective shadow
  • to rise our vibrational frequency
  • to live together in peace and harmony
  • to manifest together the New Earth


From the perspective of multidimensionality, we are in for a much bigger reset that will change all other agendas.

This is a spiritual reset, that comes from the higher dimensions of reality. Which catalyses, on a massive scale, the radical purification process of the lower ego of humanity.

It catalyses the purification and release of our energetic accumulations in the body.
It accelerates the healing of the inner structures, that keep us suffering. It stimulates the transformation of our personal shadow and the dense, dark parts of our individuality.
This is accompanied by the full acceptance of these aspects, by nourishing them and integrating with the heart.
As a result, we can become open and ready to move to a higher density of existence.

The macrocosmic influences directly support our transformation. The energy of Gaia and the frequencies of cosmic rays reaching its surface bring much more light and naturally increase our awareness and clarity. Day by day, this process is getting stronger.
With increasing awareness and expanding our perception of reality, comes an activation of dormant human DNA helixes. The enormous potential of our human bodies has a chance to flourish if we choose to do so.

We are about to awaken our multidimensional heritage, regain awareness of our cosmic genealogy, and complete the cycle of planetary evolution.


By recognizing the roots of collective suffering in the dark masculine aspects within us, a special type of work has been created within the House of Tantra project, called „Embracing the Underground”.
This type of healing is about transforming inner immature aspects into allies and protectors.
It is powerful tool for work with inner darkness and can have important input in global ascension process.