Meeting with your Man

Inner Union


3 – 8 November 2020,  Poland

6 – days tantric workshop for women

Facilitation: Dechen Dorje & Arya Tara




Masculinity and femininity

View of tantra or tao describes the world through the polarities of masculine and feminine aspects. Female  – male, yang – ying, two poles that create our universe, through mutual attraction and striving toward union. Everything that exists, every atom, is made up of these two elements. One can not exist without the other. They exist in every cell of our body, regardless of whether you were born a woman or a man.
The female aspect manifests itself through softness, delicacy, movement, subtlety, space, unconditioned love, feeling of beauty and all forms of life. Those parts of us which identify with femininity, are grouped on the left side of our body. We can call them Anima or Inner Woman. The male aspect is a stable presence, firmness, hardness, decisiveness, efficiency, effective action adapted to the circumstances. Those parts of us that identify with masculinity are grouped on the right side of our body. We call them Animus or Inner Man.
Certainly, you can find both these aspects to a greater or lesser extent, because we are all the sum of the experiences of our parents and ancestors, accumulated in DNA and what we bring in by being born in this body. So we carry with them the experience of generations that have a real impact on our lives here and now.



Usually, however, it happens that one of these structures (masculine or feminime) is less developed and the other is more dominant, or both are in someways immature. The reason is the repressive social influence on the stage of personality development and maturation, which does not allow free expression and evolution of animus and anima within us.
The result is that women who do not have the awakened masculine aspect look for support and safety outside themselves, offering their female qualities instead. Often their own inner man is dormant or emotionally unavailable. They seek confirmation of their feminity and personal sense of value, outside themselves, because their inner man does not exist for them or they do not have contact with him.
Since the external reality is a reflection of what is inside us, the partners we meet in our lives, to a large extent represent our animus or anima.
So instead of creating beautiful relations, we unconsciously fill the missing parts in ourselves, wondering why we are always attracting one type of man.
Similarly, men suppress their internal feminine structures, do not accept their feminine, sensitive, hearty, juicy side and have deep deficits of feminine energy. Having no access to their life energy resources, they begin to draw it from women. And the relationships that they create are based on co-dependency and become toxic after some time.


Women understand necessity of transformation of the patriarchal system. They know that they are the generation that will change human society. For this reason, they are developing more intensely than men. The renaissance of feminine power, which is expressed by blending spirituality and sexuality, accelerates our evolution. This is related to the restoration of women’s own identity and the transformation of the collective shadow..
The time is coming when the awakened, divine feminine energy, will attract from space the enlightened masculine aspect . The great goddess Siakti is rising and summoning Shiva. The invocation of enlightened masculine force, pure consciousness, is the foundation for the transformation of immature masculine structures, both in men and women.
Divine masculine aspect is descends into the collective body of humanity and the process of gradual awakening of the entire earth population begins.


During the workshop:
  • We will awaken our inner man and prepare him to meet our inner woman.
  • Through meditation and work with energy and consciousness, we will be able to awaken the various structures of the inner man and integrate them with the stream of pure masculine essence flowing from above.
  • This process will lead to the transformation of all patriarchal male aspects, such as over-control, rivalry, goal-orientation, cut-off from the body, into mature masculine.
  • At the same time, activated Siakti energy will support the process of cleansing old ossified ego structures.


Sacred Union of Feminine and Masculine

The culmination of the whole process will be the internal union, that is, the ecstatic connection between the awakened and transformed Inner Man structures within us and our Inner Woman.
The new quality of the internal connection will directly affect relationships with men in our lives, partners, husbands, lovers. In response to the change within us, life partners will also gain a new open space for their development. Our deficits will no longer determine our relationships. We will begin to attract people and situations that support real partnership. The combination of pure masculine and feminine essence within us will open a new path for more happy and conflict free relationships.


So if you want:
  • act despite the fear,
  • gain a sense of inner safety,
  • to take responsibility for your life, acting by using consciousness,
  • gain emotional stability,
  • recognize what is good for you and what you really want,
  • realize your life goals,
  • to gain a foundation on which your femininity can develop,
  • improve the quality of your relationships with your partner,
  • attract sustainable, stable, responsible, conscious partners,
  • take full advantage of your sexuality,
  • embrace your deficits, deficiencies, failures and fulfill them


Organisation details:

Date: 3 – 8 November 2020, from Tuesday 5 pm to Sunday 3 pm
Venue: Workshop Center near Bielsko-B, Poland
Language: Polish and English
Investment: 450 eu. All inclusive
200 eu transfer payment (nonrefundable). Bank account details will be provided after registration.
Inquiries: [email protected]
Enrollment by registration form here>>



Testimonials from previous participants:

Workshops “Meeting with your man” were one of the most beautiful journeys I could give myself …
In the space of love, in full respect for internal values ​​and my body in the company of wonderful open women and a man’s stable presence, the longing of femininity and masculinity awaited in me. It has a decisive influence on the perception and feeling of my inner and outer world. I look at myself and my husband with a wide open heart, accepting our shadows and light for the possibility of transformation and being in unity … With gratitude.

Namaste ?

Kali, participant of the workshop “Meeting with your man”; October 2018


For me it is an amazing experience. I wanted to touch only the inner man, and I felt him physically in my body, first with his immaturity and my expectations towards him, and then with acceptance and acceptance of what is. Many unexpected situations, but also connection with other women at different levels unknown to me yet. The intensity of these energies as well as female energy so that she can be fully associated with the male. I am full of gratitude. Thank you.

Zuza, participant of the workshop “Meeting with your man”; October 2018


Huge gratitude to Zenon D. Dorje from House of Tantra for his GUIDANCE, PRESENCE, CONSCIOUSNESS during 4-day retreat
“Meeting with your inner man”. Thanks for the safe space held by Zenon, I could let go completely. I was able to express freely, what I experienced during each activity, meditation, dance, contact. I felt so happy and free to be in the energy of my inner man. The sensation of pure Divine Masculinity was so beautiful. There was much more than only recognition, there was a lot of practice, and the energy was growing, evolving, transforming. My inner man is ready to hold the space for my inner woman. They both are ready to dive into the Divine Unity.

Love and appreciation Dorota