Out of the Matrix


House of Tantra · 11 April 2018

When we open the eyes in the morning, what we see is a virtual reality.
Although the movie “Matrix” had a refreshing effect on the state of collective hypnosis, the basic difference between our world and the concept of the film is the fact that our virtual reality is not created outside of us.
We are creators of this virtual world.

However, it is not a conscious creation, but a kind of hypnotic, unintentional reproduction of previous experiences recorded on the interface of the body.
Why is so? This is because the functioning of our body and brain consists essentially of automatic, complex processes, not controled by will, such as digestion, heartbeat or breathing. Similarly, also the processes of replaying the memory of previous experiences take place to a large extent automatically, usually through activation of emotional body. And our physical body is storing all information of our past experience.


One must understand that what we call the Spirit, which fills us and everything around, is not a special being of its own, but it is in essence, free from all content, unchanging, pure luminous state. The natural function of this state is the movement of thoughts and emotions resulting from the need to experience oneself in different dimensions and densities of existence. Needs to identify oneself, awaken to self-awareness. As a result, it causes the creation of an innumerable number of identities, experiencing themselves simultaneously, in the cosmic process of evolution – self-exploration.
Because at the base of our being lies the desire to identify ourselves – all the accumulated experiences that build us, generate strong attachments and identification with them. The strong experience of suffering equally builds our identity as the experience of joy and bliss.
The ego keeps repeating those experiences with which it identifies most, to confirm and strengthen its identity. And until we free ourselves from our personal history, recorded at the cellular level, our personality will automatically realize the scenarios contained in the layers of the body.


However, we have the opportunity to change and develop our potential through four steps:

• Releasing body memory. (when we release information from the body completely, we do not project anything outside anymore.  As a result we can be free from past, we recover a pure vision of reality)

• Freeing yourself from co-dependencies at the internal and external levels. Among other things, by repaing back accumulated karmic debts and awakening compassionate wisdom.

• Activation of the internal power needed for conscious creation.

• Transformation of surpressed and separated parts of the personality, which sabotage the awakening process.


The conscious creation can only start after the trance of the random run is override through activation of our internal engine. That is literally regaining control over our lives. At the same time, the combination of consciousness – intentions, with activated power, is crucial to have the clarity of the direction of our path. Therefore, it is necessary to heal and integrate all levels of our individuality so that together they form a harmonious whole.


The basic methods used throughout this whole process are temple arts, yoga, tantra and meditation practices. A special measure is the mantra, permanently raising our vibrations. By filling the day with activities based on automatic repetition like a mantra, we gradually change passive automatisms into an awakened presence.
By recognizing who we are and freeing ourselves from personal history, we can wake up from our personal Matrix. And gradually become powerful, sovereign beings, strong and wise  enough to consciously create the world in cooperation with others.