Path of Mystical Sexuality


House of Tantra ·  31 May 2019



”We are living in deep dillusion about nature of so called sexual energy…
Sexuallity is a sacred energy of the universe, the Source of all phenomena and forms. As universal life force it is greatest fountain of individual empowerment. It give us direct connection with absolute. When it is truly awaken, we are free, independent and conscious…”


From the eastern perspective, we are still immersed in the density of the dark, degenerate Kaliyuga era. The time of collective trance, deformation and suppression of everything that is natural and pure. The measure of collective darkness is the degree of suppression and degradation of our individual life force, the sexuality. More this force is suppressed by the mind, in more degenerated  way it is expressed on the unconscious level.
Presented by the priestly elites as sin and taboo long time ago, it was marked as something wrong and shameful. Spirituality was separated from matter and sexuality was separated from love. In this way gradually entire societies have been cut off from vital force, personal power, becoming predictable and vulnerable to manipulation. As a result, through thousands of years of suppression of natural needs and instincts, humanity has created a civilization of legally sanctioned violence.
In the era of rapid acceleration of technological development, this violence is expressed as the progressive degradation of the environment and alienation from nature through genetic and technological manipulation.

Most of us believe that they have a good contact with their sexuality, but due to separation from love and spirituality, through the poisoning of our bodies by the memory of wars and abuse, sexuality can be experienced in very limited way. We do not realize what it really is and what its potential is.


However, this civilization develops many positive aspects. The technology also has good sides, allowing access to various sources of information and knowledge on a mass scale. We can have a broader picture of the world and draw on many opportunities for development.
For many years, western countries have developed a deep spirituality inspired by Eastern mystical traditions. An alternative part of society renews its connections with the earth, nature, natural strength hidden in our bodies. Long-forgotten pagan and shamanic rituals and traditions return, celebrating  body and spirit connection in a unique expression and richness of experiences.
With this trend comes the recognition of the true nature of sexual energy as the pure power of life. Understanding that our sexuality is not only an primal instinct, but a universal source and cause of the existence of the entire universe.


Through this recognition, the space of Sacred Sexuality opens up. The space in which our individual life force meets universal spirituality. By perceiving sexuality as a sacred power within us, independent  from external circumstances, we can free ourselves from the unconscious conditions, encoded in our bodies by generations. Going out of shame, guilt, belittling and depending on the opinions of others. We can release blockages and wounds that have been accumulated during thousands of years of abuse and trauma.
By transforming our personal shadow, we can take full responsibility for our sexuality.
And as a result, connect with the other person by opening a completely new dimension of high-vibrational physical love combined with a deep inner freedom.
Perhaps this will become path of our individual development. Awakening through internal fire and bliss.
Awakening through our evolutionary power, which we call the Kundalini.
This intelligent energy appears when our biological sexuality merges with the dimension of the spirit. This force will gradually fill and cleanse our bodies, opening new dimensions of feeling and perception.
At the same time, we will become part of collective awakening. The process of empowerment, next step of evolution of humanity.  Life energy awakening in every person and the whole society. With the intention of bringing the sacred space back to this planet, we will become part of a new conscious society, that recognizes its spiritual identity.
Society that combine individual autonomy with common action for benefit of all.