Sacred Union of Dakas and Dakinis


Manifestation of New Earth. Divine Masculine and Cosmic Shakti Merging


Facilitated by: Dechen Dorje & Team
29 December – 2 January 2021, Workshop Center near Wroclaw, Poland




The workshop is based on tantric and sacred sexuality bodywork, which activates our primary life energy, enabling the alchemical process of connecting Body and Spirit. The foundation and aim of workshop process will be activation of our active feminine aspect within us. As next step we will initiate the space with divine masculine aspect connecting with our original consciousness.  The whole will culminate in the ritual of the Sacred Union of feminine and masculine aspects, celebrating the beginning of a new cycle.


Spirit and Body

What we call the Spirit, which fills us and everything around, is not a special being of its own, but it is in essence, free from all content, unchanging, pure luminous state. The natural function of this state is the movement of thoughts and emotions resulting from the need to experience oneself in different dimensions and densities of existence. Needs to identify oneself, awaken to self-awareness. As a result, it causes the creation of an innumerable number of identities, experiencing themselves simultaneously, in the cosmic process of evolution – self-exploration.
From this perspective, individual personality and body are nothing but the sum of all past experiences. Experiences accumulated in multidimensional space at different times, places and bodies. Through these experiences, our sense of separate self has been shaped. Our current body accumulates the whole record of collective and individual evolution experiences. Through intentional work with the physical body, we can access all the resources of this cosmic library.


Activation of Sacred Feminine

We are witnessing the restoration of feminine power. The Great Goddess is gradually returning to Earth. Women take the initiative in all areas of life, giving a new direction to our civilization. They work with themselves and with men. They understand the need to transform the painful accumulation of patriarchy. In workshop space, during ritual work with energy and body, we will connect to the memory of our DNA, activating high dimensional sexuality. Regardless of whether we are currently in the female or male body, we will awaken our feminine force.

The path of great bliss is starting with activation of our primal evolutional energy which we call Kundalini Shakti. This energy is understood as universal cosmic fire, and in tantric tradition represents feminine aspect, source of all creation.
Kundalini force is rising up through two internal subtle channels surrounding each chakra and then enters into the central channel. On the highest level the this fiery force is melting with our divine consciousness. This path represents the evolution and various development stages of the adept through the union of feminine and masculine aspects, up to their full bloom and total unity. It finds its culmination in a mystical merge with a tantric partner, achieving such state of unity and great bliss, that it would remain unchanged.

On last stage of this path we attained absolute freedom and the unification of all dualities.


Summoning of enlightened penetrating force

At the metaphysical level, there is a great need to awaken the spiritual masculine aspect on this planet. The need to summon the enlightened power that will initiate the change and fertilize the Earth with a new vision. Power manifesting itself through divine, masculine penetration thunder force. Diamond Dagger of Consciousness. Phurba (tib.). The power cutting through delusion, scattering the structure of the matrix.
Force penetrating from above, establishing a sacred and safe space for incoming changes. Restoring a love connection between heaven and earth. Illuminating, showing the way. The force which brings the spirit back to the body. Brings non-dual, diamond consciousness to the densest, hidden levels.



During this workshop you will learn and experience:
  • You will learn and deepen the practice of creating a safe and sacred space, necessary for the success of tantric rituals.
  • Tantric meditations creating  connection with a partner on the level of consciousness, heart and body, allowing to go beyond known experiences.
  • You will open yourself to bliss through a touch that integrates sexual energy with the heart.
  • You will participate in rituals which anchor the Spirit in the Body.
  • You will experience the depth of connection of female and male energies within yourself, at heart level.
  • You will activate  your non-dual life force needed for personal realization, leading to an awakened, autonomous life.
  • You will take part in the ritual union of feminine and masculine, manifesting New Earth.
  • You will enter the New Year charged with new energy.


For whom? Important!
  • For anyone who is ready to dive deep.
  • For people who have already some experience in Sacred Sexuality.
  • For women and men with an active feminine and masculine aspect in themselves.
  • We invite you individually or in pair.



Organisation details:

Date: 29 December 2020- 2 January 2021, from Tuesday 12 am to Saturday 2 pm
Venue: Workshop Center near Wroclav, Poland
Investment:  500 eu all inclusive
300 eu transfer payment (nonrefundable). Bank account details will be provided after registration.
Inquiries: [email protected]
Enrollment by registration form here<<