Scientific definition of reality


House of Tantra 5 November 2017


We are coming closer to scientific definition of reality. What was for thousands of years just domain of mystics, now is possible to follow intellectually. What is really amazing, we just experience the time, where science and mystics paths are joining forces in process of collective evolution. Now the science is telling us the ”Self” is just concept. That we just hallucinating our reality. Buddhist teaching are saying that what we basically experience as life, is nothing else but sensory illusion. Everything what we experience as life, is projection of information stored in our bodies.

In deeper state of meditation we can experience reality just as empty space and light, without anything what could be grasped as individual self. Experience unity, where there is no separation between subject and object.

Today official science is discovering that our individual identity is just delusion. Tomorrow will maybe discovered that this luminous void behind the thoughts, is what we really are.