into the unknown


 House of Tantra ·  3 March 2018

What will happen if you open your eyes tomorrow and the world which was a defined, safe piece of home, will cease to exist?
You wake up somewhere in space, perceiving sound, movement. You feel the change, the light, the sound and the vibrations of energy penetrating the space. However, you can not collect your thoughts. You can not recognize or name anything. You do not remember who you are and you do not know where you are. And with time you realize that you do not know anything completely.
Whatever you try to distinguish and define, it spreads rapidly and disappears in space.
You can not catch anything, even distinguish the proportion of your own body.
And if you can not define and distinguish anything in any way, what are You?

If we can not separate ourselves from the ocean of space, we must confront our fundamental fear:
That we do not really exist as a personal, separate identity.

If we approach seriously this most important confrontation in life, we can be born again.
If we surrender completely to this very moment, going beyond the fears and stream of thoughts – at some point the curtain will fall down.
We will see that all of our life so far, someone we thought we were, was just a daydream mixed with hallucination.
And what actually will be present, the sense of unity and bliss,
which will be infinitely more intense and true to the bone.
This path of self-recognition is simple and radical.
It is not about effort, but about persistence in being present moment by moment.
It is meditation.