Session with Dechen Dorje


We invite women and men and pairs for individual sessions


Sexual energy, understood as a universal energy of life, is necessary not only to create a new life but also to sustain it. It is necessary for personal development and for the creative shaping of our lives. It is a requirement for personal power, high self-esteem, abundance and feeling grounded in everyday life. The constant presence of this fiery force within the body is the foundation of happiness, bliss and the space open for love.
Often in long-term relationships both women and men withdraw their sexual energy or redirect it to sport or a career. Relationships in which sexual energy disappears fall apart, or continue and accumulate suffering. Why is this happening?
The intelligent life force in human bodies is activated by union of feminine and masculine essences.
Thanks to this, we as human beings can develop on a personal and spiritual level.
However, thousands of years of cultural and religious conditioning deeply suppressed this force. This situation is a source of degeneration of sexual behavior and causes an increasing accumulation of trauma and trauma in the memory of human DNA.

Because all life experiences are transmitted in DNA, next generations receive these accumulations from their ancestors. This memory hidden in the body in layers activates gradually after physical maturity.
Accumulation of traumas and resentments are the main reason for the withdrawal of sexual energy by women, most often after they ground family and become mother.
As a result, the man also withdraws his sexuality, not wanting to break the relationship by looking for fulfillment outside. This causes frustration and sometimes anger; he can have a feeling that he loses his masculinity.
But there is a way of change, we have the chance for our sexual power to flourish in the new fullness.
A solution is sexual healing body work, which releases old traumas and other experiences frozen in our body, and as a result, unlocks deep energetic resources.



Sacred Sexuality
• Sexual healing
• Awakening of inner feminine and masculine
• Tantric relationships
• Release of sexual blockages
• Introduction to tantra
• Awakening of individual power
• Full body energy orgasm



A session lasts from two to three hours. Online sessions around 1,5 hour.



Individual session (2-3 hours) 200 euro

Zoom session (1.5 hrs.) 100 euro

Session for couple 300 euro


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