House of Tantra ·  4 December 2018


We are witnessing the restoration of female power. The Great Goddess is gradually returning to Earth. Women take the initiative in all areas of life, giving a new direction to our civilization. Women can better organize themselves and better cooperate together. They represent the majority of participants in personal development workshops. They work with themselves, understanding the need to transform collective and personal shadow.
There is a lot to do on the male side. Immature masculinity maintains the current patriarchal system of values. A system based on primitive property relations, carried out by official or hidden power solutions, sanctioned in the form of an unjust law. Immature masculine tries to maintain control and power by dividing, creating conflicts and wars. This control increases with the development of science and new technologies. By exploiting natural resources focused only on profit, our planet nature has been degraded. The old patriarchal system is based on a hidden mechanism of self-destruction. Represented by this part of the collective consciousness which prefers to annihilate everything, rather than change and give up power. Therefore, it is necessary to work with an immature male aspect, which competes, seeking to dominate and exploit the environment. It is necessary to activate healthy, mature male aspects, such as a stabile presence, not judging – witnessing consciousness. Seeing the world from a broad perspective, compassion, directness, compatibility of expressed intention with action.


At the metaphysical level, there is a great need to awaken the spiritual masculine aspect on this planet. The need to summon the enlightened power that will initiate the change and fertilize the earth with a new vision. This is the power that is streaming from the deepest union of darkness and light, primal feminine and masculine. Power manifesting itself through divine, masculine penetration thunder force.
Diamond Dagger of Consciousness. Phurba (tib.). The power cutting through delusion, penetrating the structure of the matrix from above.
Force penetrating from above, establishing a sacred and safe space for incoming changes. Restoring a love connection between heaven and earth. Illuminating, showing the way. This force brings the spirit back to the body. Brings non-dual, diamond power of consciousness to the densest, hidden levels.