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Mystic School of Interdimensional Sexuality Level II

12-19 April 2021, Poland

29 October-5 November 2021, Holland

Facilitation: Dechen Dorje with the Team

We live in a time of great change and awakening of consciousness on a mass scale. We recognize the scale of wounds and traumas accumulated over the past millennia by all humanity and how this affects individuals. ...

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Dark Feminine

House of Tantra · 9 August 2020

What is the true nature of darkness? In our dual dimension, we often equate light with the positive aspect and darkness with the negative aspect of the world. We associate darkness with all beings lurking in the dark, which for various reasons want to hide from light and recognition. ...

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Meeting with your Man

Inner Union

3 - 8 November 2020, Poland

6 - day tantric workshop for women

Facilitation: Dechen Dorje & Arya Tara

View of tantra or tao describes the world through the polarities of masculine and feminine aspects. Female  - male, yang - ying, two poles that create our universe, through mutual attraction and striving toward union. Everything that exists, every atom, is made up of these two elements. ...

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Tantra is not about having a better dream

House of Tantra · 10 January 2018

On the wave of the collective process of awakening, many people want to deepen their intimate relationships with loved ones.  Open to the spiritual dimension of intimacy and experience their sexuality at a more universal level. Hence the arousing interest in various traditions of tantra. However, this is associated with some basic illusion on the level of intent and motivation. Because the purpose of tantra has never been to seek happiness, improve relationships, improve everyday existence, but to awaken to who we really are....

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