Senses Wide Open


Return to Inner Temple

Classical Tantric Massage Course

Facilitated by Dechen Dorje



Fundamental part of the journey to love and freedom is conscious touch.
Human sexual energy is a part of universal life force. Through loving touch, this intelligent life force in human bodies can be activated, and be continuously present inside of us. Intensity and passion that is generated by the polarity of masculine and feminine energy raise our vibrational frequency, reaching the higher realms of existence. This changes quality of our lives through generating more vitality and natural joy.


We invite you to activate your life force during profound practice of tantric massage.
Return to the Inner Temple is a unique tantric massage course, where you will learn not only the techniques but also how to evoke a full presence in your body trough slow and sensual touch expressing spirituality, and how to create a deep connection between giver and receiver.
Therefore, in addition to massage, you will learn the proper introduction meditation, clear communication, and other practices and tools that give you the possibility to make a exceptional Tantric Massage.
This is a good start if you are new to tantric massage, and for those who are more advanced in massages, you will expand your experience and tools of giving a sensual pleasure and deep relaxation of the body.

Previous knowledge of art of tantric massage is not necessary. We invite both singles and couples.


What will happen during this workshop?

You will experience deep relaxation that awakens a body through the sense of touch. You will learn specific techniques and tools to create an unique experience connecting the Spirit and the Body in Tantric Massage. You will awaken your life force, open yourself to spontaneous happiness and joy. This is a great way to release and uplift a physical and energetic body.


During this workshop you will learn:
  •  tantric meditation, creating a special connection between a giver and receiver
  • how to receive the massage within a sacred space that unifies Spirit and Body, allowing you to go beyond your regular experiences.
  • a wheel of consent, transparent communication tool for expressing your needs
    and boundaries, creating a safe space and allowing you to receive in more relaxed way.
  • step by step massage guidelines.
  • an opening ritual that honors the uniqueness, beauty and divinity of a receiver
  • a massage with a use of feathers and hot towels, which helps to cleanse the spirit and filled with energy as well as deeply relaxing oil massage.‎




I see You
we can recognize each other
We are indivisible
We are one and two at the same time
I feel myself like you
through the senses of our bodies
we can feel
boundless space
There are millions here like us
at this time, they are beginning to meet
and find each other.
and begin to weave a new sensuality
one silk thread with other threads
of consciousness. ‎