Tantric meditation which purifies and uplift through the Sacred Fire


House of Tantra · 29 October 2020



This meditation came to me in spring. I feels good to share it now with you.

We connect with what we call ”our higher self”. Connecting to all parts of our spiritual individuality, that exist now in any dimensions of space. Calling all parts of us to come together, here and now, for this practice. We recall the esence of a timeless being that we really are.
We visualize ourselves as a powerful, multidimensional, cosmic entity, filled with the fiery force. Energy of Kundalini Shakti.
Prolonging our inhale and exhale, we are rising this fire from the base to the heart and into the whole body. Fire radiates warmth and light that filling us from inside. We connect with the original source of reality, breathing slowly to our heart. In the center of the heart, we are opening the cosmic portal – a sphere of light representing the union of emptiness and luminosity.
A luminous sphere is surrounded by a ring of fire that burns everything that needs transformation and purification.



We transform ourself into a fiery deity that breathes in all the negativity of the world and exhales the pure light of love.
We visualize that all dark negative energies that exist on Earth are absorb to our center with inhale.
They are transformed in a ring of fire around the heart and dissolved in the original source.  
All parts of the collective consciousness on this planet, intended to seize and use other beings for their purposes, are thus invited to purify themselves in a mystical fire and unite with the source.
Together with the exhalation, we send from our luminous center pure love energy that is filling up and heals the planet.

We breathe in this way for some time.
We purify the Earth from all negativities and dissolve them in the center of our heart.
At the same time, we fill the entire sphere of the planet, all people and other beings with luminous energy from our center.

When we feel the process is complete, we visualize that the entire world, all beings and ourselves, dissolve in the luminous space of the heart.
Everything becomes an immeasurable ocean of light.
For a longer time, we contemplate this state and observe change in energy field inside and outside. Finally, we dedicate this practice for the liberation and awakening of all sentient beings. We dedicate it for a sacred union within, with the external partner and in the community of practitioners.
We make personal intentions and dedications.