Tantric Temple Ritual ”Summoning the Dragon”

Advanced Tantric Temple Massage 5-day Course
Facilitated by Dechen Dorje



We invite people who are already familiar with tantric massage to the advanced temple massage course.
The intention of this massage ritual is awakening of internal non-dual power connected with the heart. Another purpose is the transformation of the negative experiences recorded in the cells of our body and their renewal through internal alchemy. Rituals run not only in pairs but also in groups, deeply activating internal aspects of feminine and masculine.


In esoteric texts, the dragon archetype is not only a symbol of powerful power. It is the culmination of our individual spiritual path, the overcoming of all limitations. Achievement of absolute freedom and the unification of all duality. The popular Caduceus showing two snakes climbing up around Hermes’s staff is in fact an important tantric symbol. The snakes symbolize the two internal subtle channels: Ida and Pingala interweaving around each chakra. Hermes’s staff represents the central channel or Shushuma. Snakes mean not only energy channels but also female and male energies that fill them. Female and male snake entwining with each other at the level of each chakra, opening new gates for the power, rising in the central channel.
On the highest level snakes transform into a two-headed dragon with wings. Wings are representing a union of individual energies with cosmic consciousness and descent of the spirit into the body.
This path depicts the evolution and various development stages of the adept through the union of feminine and masculine aspects, until their full blossom and total unity.
The path culminates in a mystical union with the tantric partner, achieving such state of unity and great bliss, that it would remain unchanged.

At the collective level, the dragon’s energy of the planet is still at the stage of the maturation of individuality, caught between the polarization of light and darkness. This stage is represented by the patriarchal system.
Our evolution leads to the next stage of development, the combination of mature female and male aspects within every woman and every man. The new social structures will be based on integrated, embodied spirituality, accumulating the experience of both matriarchy and patriarchy. Women and Men will be able to meet with their full power and internal autonomy as equal partners.
This stage represents the union of female and male aspects at the level of the heart chakra.


Alchemy of the Dragon Massage

Tantric massage “Summoning the Dragon” is a spiritual practice realised through the body to body transmission from the giver to receiver. Its structure represents an alchemical journey from the activation of serpent energy through withdrawing to the stage of primeval emptiness and emerging in a new form representing the non-dual power of the heart.
During the massage, the giving person consciously alternates between her  inner feminine and masculine qualities.
Dancing between the poles, at some point it leads to their simultaneous presence and inner union. By transmitting these qualities through touch, it activates both high and lower vibrational – dense energy levels.
There is a conscious exchange of energy between the giving and receiving person, igniting the internal fire, an essential component of the alchemical transformation.
It is a full body massage and contains a ritual rosette massage.


What will happen at the workshop?
  • You will learn and experience the mystical opening to bliss, integrating the body and the spirit through touch.
  • You will activate your non-dual life force needed for personal realisation,
    leading to an awakened, autonomous life
  • You will participate in rituals which anchor the Spirit in the body.
  • You will experience the bliss of connecting female and male energies within yourself at the level of the heart.