Transforming our inner dark aspects is crucial for the life on this planet


House of Tantra · 30 June 2020



House of Tantra has been developing methods of healing and transforming the inner shadow for some time. The motivation of this work is to create a safe space for liberation of suppressed, suffering parts of the individual and collective consciousness.
We just completed next edition of retreat ”Embracing Underground” in Poland. Deep journey of individual darkness & shadow transformation through tantric rituals and sacred sexuality bodywork.
A lot happened to all of us during this course, culminated in working with the child underground.
During the workshop process, the dark, repressed aspects of ourselves have been embraced, saturated with light, and connected to our heart and higher self.
What came out, corresponds with the whole field of collective masculine and feminine. This kind of work, especially with a dark, immature masculine aspect, is crucial to life on this planet. It is a right response to globally created crisis, attachment to power, manipulation and control.
“Embracing the Underground” had opened a space of unconditional love for our personal and collective shadow.
Space of sacred feminine where all rejected and suppressed parts of ourselves can come be expressed, nourished and melted in the heart / womb of Great Goddess.
On other hand, empowerment streaming from our divine dark feminine aspect, became the right medicine which created a strong field to pacify immature aspects of dark masculine. Thanks to the presence of the goddess Kali, these parts could transform into our allies and protectors.