We are creators of this reality


House of Tantra · 17 June 2019



In a situation of common dormancy and general involuntary acceptance of the system in which we live, we found ourselves as humanity at the edge of a catastrophe. The Atlantic civilization, which gives direction to the development of events on Earth, is focused on the absolute exploration of nature, striving for control and power. The result is the degradation of the planet and the entire civilization. If we do not change this world ourselves, everything that is valuable will fall, and humanity will gradually turn into a cyber zombies.

For many millennia, in order to maintain power, the method of implementing opposing ideologies is used to create war between people. At the same time, implementer remains in the shadow, secretly supporting all sides of the conflict and escalating the situation in many ways. Then a third force is created that “rescues” from oppression, taking over the game…
As long as some of us hate others because of differences, religion, race and different origin, we will be powerless and vulnerable to external control, and all our weaknesses will be used against us.
Within humanity, we have many cultural and racial differences. This is due to completely different experiences of developing in specific climatic and social conditions. We see the unique quality and diversity of many cultures or tribes existing on Earth. Beauty lies in diversity. And we should all give space to each other to exist and the opportunity to develop this difference. Sometimes, however, we are so diametrically different in the approach to the meaning of life, that what is sacred to others is some kind of tabu to us and vice versa.
As different societies, different cultures, we need mutual respect for our separate, unique ways of development. And this requires maintaining an autonomous living space, a place on earth in which each culture can develop independently and exchange with others, in their own organic speed, without intervening and imposing own traditions on others.
After the colonial era, now corporate empires will do everything to dominate the entire glob economically and culturally. And the slogans of democracy, spreading freedom and the strategy of small steps are one of many ways to realize these plans.
The next stage of the manipulation oriented to create conflicts, is placing many different societies in one territory, under the guise of humanitarianism. The sudden fusion of communities with opposing worldviews creates inevitable conflicts and a struggle for survival. Practically, it leads to the extinction of existing cultures, just as it was with Indians in the Americas. Such conflicts are now being created in european societies.
Destruction of societies, cutting off from roots, prepares the ground for one global civilization, centrally driven. Gradually, a scenario of increasing computerization and development towards a collective, biocybernetic intelligence is being implemented. With the widespread use of cloning, nanotechnology and the gradual change of man into a biological machine.
So, are we facing a complete loss of individuality and connection to the global Matrix?



However, another scenario is possible, represented by an alternative part of humanity, which is RETURN TO NATURE.
Relying on technology only to a certain extent and developing on alternative, ecological technology, blocked till now by large corporations.
More and more people are waking up, they see that the world is actually different than what is presented in the mainstream media. In response to the exposure of the global banking system mechanisms, the Occupy Wall street movement appeared nine years ago, which drew hundreds of thousands of people to the streets of European cities. Not much has changed in the banking system, but people have been able to unite and see that an alternative vision of economics is needed with a currency independent from corporate banks. Some of us have understood that in order to change something in the present world, we must act together. We now recognize hidden manipulation of the “divide and rule” policy. And in the name of common goals, we can set aside the differences that separate us. We are slowly becoming aware of our influence as a community. For instance if we all together stop buying corporal products, everything will change.
More and more people are renewing their connections with the earth, and the natural strength hidden in our bodies. The shamanic and mystical traditions return, bringing more connection with nature. From the point of view of Eastern mystics, both human consciousness and the Earth itself are slowly waking up.
We are filled with intelligent spiritual energy, which we call Kundalini.
This force will gradually become more and more active, and finally, it will open in us new dimensions of feeling and perception. Dormant until now, the natural abilities of our mind will develop. We will not need phones to communicate at a distance anymore. We will be able to move our energetic bodies, even to be simultaneously in many places.
Besides this, kundalini power will have a devastating effect on current technology. At this stage, we will therefore develop spiritual technology more.
In this vision of our development, there is a shift towards the connection with the earth, an organic life based on cooperation and harmony between animals and people. This scenario also postulates the creation of a new social paradigm. Society no longer focused on the production of material goods and based on capitalist economics. A new structure based on the model of small human groups, creating an autonomous and self-sufficient network of communities that exchange with each other with an excess of goods. Communities based on cooperation, not competition. Where there is a balance between individual freedom and independence and shared life and activity. Developing collectively but focusing on the authenticity and autonomy of the individual.
Building this new society is a fact.
Over the last 30 years, hundreds of alternative eco-villages and communities have been created in Europe and America.
Some set completely new directions for social structure and visions of future humanity, such as the Tamera project in Portugal or Damanhur in Italy. The Venus project is a utopian but visionary combination of the community with cybernetic technology for self-sufficient economy.

 We are in the place of deepening polarization between the two possible scenarios of the future. Will humanity really wake up, or will it submit to the idea of ​​transhumanism?
Which direction will each of us choose? Do we have enough courage and faith in ourselves to go against the mainstream? Both mystical knowledge and quantum science clearly state that there is no world beyond us. We are the world!
Without being aware of it, we are the creators of this reality.
So we can take more responsibility for what we live in, what we participate in, and start acting from our heart, from the place of sensitivity and empathy. Turning attention to our inner beauty and feelings. To our breath. Grounding our spirit more in the body, which is part of this divine nature. Giving more space to just Be. Closer to nature, to other beings, and to ourselves.
Creating together a new paradigm of life Here and Now.