We are the Evolution of Spirit


 House of Tantra ·  24 December 2019


We are part of the stage of cosmic evolution – exploration of ourselves, which we can call Spirit Descendence. Its driving force is the inner movement of consciousness, a movement resulting from need for self-knowledge. Need to find identity and awaken to self-awareness.
From the original union of light and space, the first separate identities arise, experiencing themselves in  countless dimensions. Separated structures of consciousness are gradually divided into smaller ones. These emanations create next ones, and the process of creation is growing. From huge beings encompassing galaxies, to the spirits of individual stars and planets. The process of creating life is deepening, smaller and diversified structures appear on the planets, local ecosystems are formed. An enormous richness of new beings emerges, whole infinite range of life, from the high vibrational – ethereal dimensions of existence to the dense, heavy matter where life slows down into deep sleep. During this thickening process, dark matter is created, so dense that light cannot penetrate it. Dark matter, which seems to be biggest part of the mass of the universe, represents our cosmic collective unconsciousness.
The essence of this stage of cosmic evolution is to divide it into smaller and smaller parts to create an countless numbers of opposites and extremes. The greater the polarization of opposites, the more energy can arise as a result of their interaction. New forms of existence are emerging which are complementary to each other. Various specialized forms of gender forms are shaped and can progress by connecting with their counterpart.
Deep sexual polarization is the source of the next part of cosmic evolution, which is the time of spiritual Ascendence, when everything that has been divided reunites. The whole process is based on merging of polarized life forms, who experience illumination as a result of their fusion.
Many beings in their individual development are already at this stage. With this  part of cycle resonates the path of mystical sexuality, where we can transform our individual ”dark matter” and come back to the source.

For various reasons, western civilization for a long time have suppressed and diminished sexuality. In the time of fast technological development, it is accompanied by environmental degradation and genetic manipulation. We are in a special place that determines further evolution of this planet. If we could turn into our internal resources exploring forces of nature, we could awaken life force of whole society.
The key to our multidimensional development is to discover and manifest our personal power, soul purpose, happiness and freedom. Only this way a new society free from fear, can be created. It can be built by free, independent and strong individuals.