House of Tantra ·  21 April 2020



Taking radical responsibility for what is happening on the planet, we can see that both negative and positive aspects of the world find their source within us.
Our interior represents the whole world in which we live, it contains all the collective processes that are taking place right now.
What is actually happening? It is hard for us to believe in this surreal theater of events.

In times of turbulence and manipulation of entire societies,  it is good to recall cosmic laws coming from memory of who we are.



1. The only thing that really exists is Consciousness and Emptiness, which we can call Spirit.


2. The whole multiverse happening in time is a thought-emotional expression of the consciousness & emptiness union, which is a pure projection.


3. Therefore, being a part of this consciousness, each of us projects our own reality. What we believe, our individual and collective accumulations and opinions, become our reality.


4. If we consciously do not believe in anything, our subconscious storage still manifests the reality we have accumulated.


5. However, without the experience of recognizing oneself as the unity of consciousness and space, our accumulated subconscious experiences, induce a kind of trance. The depth of this sleep depends on our state of density and vibrational frequency.


6. Sleeping state causes that we are caught in the dualism of perceiving our separateness from the world, we increasingly identify with our thoughts, emotions, bodies and experiences.


7. The consequence of not recognizing the world as our individual and collective projection, is the entanglement with polarity of light and darkness, evil and good, victim and perpetrator. Taking different roles and sides, becomes the cause of tremendous suffering, but in the same time creates the process of our individual evolution.


8. This entanglement is usually unconscious, but from the perspective of cosmic consciousness it is purposeful creation and exploration.


9. Because world is manifested through our individual and collective accumulations and beliefs, we can consciously create our reality by choosing a vision of the world in which we want to live.


10. However, the possibility of conscious manifestation is limited by subconscious, collective and individual accumulations, which we call shadow.
Present situation of the world, is an exact collective manifestation of our conscious and subconscious parts.


11. Without the transformation of our individual and collective darkness, we will not be able to manifest the New Earth as a collective.


12. The first step in awakening is to go beyond the dualism of conflict between good and evil, darkness and light through the method of transcendence – meditation.


13. This does not mean being neutral or passive in the face of the suffering. This means that we go beyond the illusion to find our original identity.


14. We become ready to embrace both negative and positive aspects of the world within ourselves on the body level, creating alchemy between them. From this fusion, comes lots of energy, that can be raised to higher levels of vibrational reality.


15. After releasing and transforming our subconscious parts, the density of our energetic structure changes. We move to a higher level of vibration, where we can consciously and effectively manifest a better world.