Out of the Matrix

House of Tantra · 11 April 2018

When we open the eyes in the morning, what we see is a virtual reality. Although the movie "Matrix" had a refreshing effect on the state of collective hypnosis, the basic difference between our world and the concept of...

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Will the practice of tantra make you happy?

House of Tantra · 10 February 2018

All people want happiness, but most of us experience only single moments when they feel really happy. Everyday life brings a inducting into trance routine or confronts us with difficulties or unpleasant situations....

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Dark side of the Moon

House of Tantra ·28 January 2018

Nothing is really what it seems. Also the moon. The moon has a great effect on the Earth and all beings on the surface and under the water. The whole nature has adapted to the 29-day cycle...

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Celebrating the opening of a New Year 2018

House of Tantra · Goa, India · 31 December 2017

On this occasion, facilitator and whole team of House of Tantra wish you joyfull time, high vibrational state in the next year. May the Power, Freedom and Love be integrated with you....

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Phoenix Rising


17-24 November 2018, Poland near Wrocłav

Facilitation: Zenon D. Dorje

Process of the workshop is grounded in three traditional fields of development which highlight the significance of sexuality as universal life force. The power of giving...

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Holistic Tantric Massage Master Program

I MODULE: 9 - 13 May 2018

20-days professional certificated massage program

Facilitation: Zenon D. Dorje

The Tantra House invites you to tantric massage program for professionals. The program consists of four workshops, each lasting five days. Includes four levels of...

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Senses wild open

Unique tantric massage course

Facilitated by Zenon D. Dorje

25-29 October 2018, Geneva

Enjoy a unique Tantric Massage course where you will learn not only the techniques but also how to evoke a full presence in your body, slow and sensual...

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