House of Tantra ·  6 December 2020

Closer and closer to the special time of the winter solstice on December 21, 2020. 
At the end of this year, the conjunction of the largest planets in the solar system will open a portal for a huge stream of...

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Ascension 2020

House of Tantra · 3 October 2020

House of Tantra intentionally became part of raising the collective planetarian consciousness to the so-called Fifth Density. As we may know, reality consists of many dimensions of existence which are related to the frequency of vibration of our cosmic consciousness....

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Dark Feminine

House of Tantra · 9 August 2020

What is the true nature of darkness? In our dual dimension, we often equate light with the positive aspect and darkness with the negative aspect of the world. We associate darkness with all beings lurking in the dark, which for...

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House of Tantra · 21 April 2020

Taking radical responsibility for what is happening on the planet, we can see that both negative and positive aspects of the world find their source within us. Our interior represents the whole world in which we live, it contains all...

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