Will the practice of tantra make you happy?


 House of Tantra ·  10 February 2018


All people want happiness, but most of us experience only single moments when they feel really happy.
Everyday life brings a inducting into trance routine or confronts us with difficulties or unpleasant situations.
Many people are getting involved in the civilization matrix in which they gradually lose contact with their soul and heart. It consumes their life potential, feeding the corporate system.
Most have a lot of ideas about what they could do to feel bliss, joy and have a sense of accomplishment and satisfaction. If only they could meet their needs for stability, a new home or an apartment in the city center, and these requirements for security and stability grow bigger and are not easy to satisfy.
Maybe we do not realize enough, that the true source of safety and stability flows from within. And as long as we are not internally integrated and have a lot of fear and anger in ourselves, it will be difficult for us to live a harmonious and peaceful life.
Dreams of finding wonderful partner, often understood as a synonym of happiness, collide with a dense reality, when it turns out that partner does not meet our expectations and is far away from our dreamed ideal.


Our body and personality are nothing but the sum of our individual experiences from the past. Experiences accumulated in multidimensional space at different times, places and bodies.
Through these experiences, our sense of individuality is shaped. Over time, we begin to identify very deeply with our experience, whether positive or not.
One of the basic Buddhist teachings is the truth about attachment as the cause of suffering. And it is not about attachment to a partner, family or place.
It’s all about attachment to our identity. We are so attached to the experiences on which our identity has evolved, that we ourselves play out this story in our lives over and over.
In this way, we inevitably undergo suffering because some of our experiences were traumatic. The source of trauma is the very birth in this body, and illness, old age and death are connected with tremendous suffering.


Is it then possible to experience continous bliss, prosperity, joy and lightness in life in this situation?
Yes … if we turn our attention to inside and transform the causes of unhappiness.
The first fundamental step is cleansing our past.

Through skillful means, we can purify the old karmic causes of today suffering, negative actions and conflict situations from the past.
Traditional paths transmitting many methods based on mantras and visualizations, during which internal poisons are transformed into healing nectar.
Thousands of prostrations repeated with a mantra and visualization activate the frozen layers of past activities and dissolve identification with them.
The ritual offerings of the mandala and dedication to all beings, repay the old karmic debts.
Another complementary activities are Temple Arts bodywork. By stimulating life energy in the body, we can activate layers of various traumatic experiences and release them through the right touch. Trough the ritualistic session of bodywork, frozen, stuck emotions and blockages can be released. We can gradually transform the original causes of personal and collective suffering.


Will then the Tantra practice help us to be happy?
From a wider perspective, all pursuit of happiness is absurd, because in our essence, we are  already living in condensed state of bliss and joy. We just don’t notice that.
And instead of striving for happiness, through appropriate practices we can wake up to our true nature.
For sure, in the first stage of this path, we will become more authentic.
The intense energy that wakes up, pushes everything that has been hidden to the surface. If there was suppressed anger in our shadow, we would manifest anger. If lust and joy were suppressed, we would become lustful and joyful.
Authenticity will make us more alive, ready for a deeper experience of both pain and love.
At the same time, however, we will not feel trapped in a small box. Not focused on our own drama anymore. Unblocked emotions that will appear, will be intense, but they will roll lightly, like the wind, or transform into wisdom.


The goal of the tantra path is a personal awakening through the great bliss of sacred union.
And in the developed stage of practice, The Bliss, with which nothing can match, will appear.
The dualistic and deformed perception will be gradually transformed into a pure vision of reality.
Personal desire for happiness will be satisfied.
And we will become catalyst for the happiness of others.