Mystic School of Interdimensional Sexuality Level III

7 – day sacred sexuality bodywork retreat
15-22 December 2021, Poland
1-8 April 2022, Holland
Facilitation: Dechen Dorje with the Team



This workshop is the third and final part of the journey, which starts with the awakening and healing of sexuality, is continued during the transformation of the inner shadow, and is completed with the opening for mystical dimension of sexuality and spiritual recognition. Sexual healing process gradually opens our bodies to the flow of life force. Not only does the quality and intensity of sexual sensations increase, but the whole life becomes fuller and more awake. We have more strength to implement our projects, also we are more in touch with our deeper feelings and needs. Our bodies are starting to accumulate lots of energy  and hit, searching for new ways of creative expression.
The next stage of development and the goal of this workshop is to combine activated sexuality with a spiritual dimension.
When we rise sexual energy to the higher centers of our physical body and subtle bodies, we start to experience ecstasy and sense of liberation. Our higher spiritual structures are being activated and then they can be integrated with the density of our physical body. As a result, we can gradually achieve and embody our spiritual essence.


Who are we?

Our evolution as a conscious being comes down to knowing and exploring ourselves. Realizing answers for fundamental questions: what is our consciousness, what is reality. During journey from a deep existential dormancy to a full awakening, we are gradually manifesting our authentic identity. If we manage to surrender the current moment completely, perceiving life as a magical stream of impressions that have no real existence, while maintaining the question of who we really are, at some point the curtain falls.
During this awakening process, we discover that the source of all creation is inside. We recognize that we ourselves are creators of our reality, and we become ready to take responsibility for what is happening in our lives. Also we are ready to experience and recognize, who we are in this physical body.


The body remembers

Our entire existence, everything that defines our identity, can be brought back to memory. The memory that we carry within us, is a record of the entire universe from the big bang till now. We are a microcosmos that contains everything that happens outside of us. Our individuality is nothing but memory – the sum of all past experiences. Experiences accumulated in multidimensional space at different times, places and bodies. Through these experiences, our sense of separate self has been shaped. If our current body accumulates the whole record of collective and individual evolution experiences, what does this mean for us in practice?
This means that our body is simultaneously all the bodies we had before. Whatever we were, it all lives inside of us. Therefore, during traditional, temple bodywork, we have the opportunity to transform or liberate any parts of ourselves, release old traumas and frozen emotions. We can also unlock access to our individual and ancestral history. Discover internal power structures and parts of us that have been dormant till now.


Sexual energy as cosmic fuel

Whole existance is being born from vast space trough the merge of opposite polarities. Light and darkness, chaos and harmony, fire and water, feminine and masculine, yin and yang. The Universe is an eternal dance of polarities striving for union. The macrocosm and microcosm are blending with each other. The law of attraction and unification also applies to body atoms and personality structures. On the path of mystical sexuality, we perceive sexuality as the cosmic force of life, the sacred energy of the universe, the source of all phenomena. Most of us don’t realize what sexuality really is, and what potential it has. It is because of sexuality, that we have the ability to heal, to create and manifest reality, to move in time and space.
Deep sexual polarization provides the energy needed to achieve higher consciousness. When we manage to activate the primal layers of our libido, we ignite a sacred fire that increases the frequency of vibrations throughout the body. By raising this power to higher energy centers, we make our bodies lighter, we really begin to function on higher vibrations. Our body is starting to transform. It becomes more flexible, hot and luminous at the same time. We can redirect our fiery power wherever we want, and have access to our DNA library’s extensive resources. By powering dormant memory structures  of physical and energetic body, we will discover the keys to our multidimensional identity.


Cosmic Origin – finding our true identity

Life in its totality exists in many dimensions of space and time at the same time. Our Earth is not a separate island from the rest of the universe. The planet’s rich DNA resources are the result of millions of years of evolution of the entire galaxy. Through intentional work with the body, we can access all the resources of this space library. Recognizing ourselves as consciousness and the world as its projection, we can begin to explore the multidimensional structure of our body.
During the workshop, we will be able to activate the memory of many of our former lives. We will be able to experience, who we really are and where we come from. To know the source of our origin as an individual being. Many of us are multidimensional entities from higher levels of existence. Some of us also come from various often distant star systems, worlds much more developed than ours. Because of being born in the human body, we gradually lost contact with our true identity, with multidimensional structure of our “higher self”.  However, the memory of the place where we came from and who we were, is imprinted deeply inside of us. That why we are often have the feeling that we are not belong here. And sometimes we are filled with a great longing for the “lost paradise”. Unknowingly, we are looking for a way back to the our source, space from where we came.

During the workshop, we will discover energetic structures and parts of ourselves connected with higher dimensions of existence. We’ll find a way home.
Not somewhere far in the center of the Milky Way, but here in our body.


Mandala of the Cosmic Womb

At the center of workshop process is the spiritual archetype of the Great Mother, who transmits unconditional love.
According to the tantric teachings, all existence emerges from the primal Void. It is Sentient Void – a living, feeling being.
The cosmic womb of the universe, the source all life,  called the Great Mother Goddess.
Black Goddess brings darkness, an abyss that dissolves everything. In this state there is no room for separation, everything becomes one, the whole.
Black Goddess creates a space for total surrender and opening to our deepest essence, impossible to comprehend mystery of existence.
Going through this process of absorption into the void, means the Great Death.  Death of a separate individual identity.
It is the quintessence of all spiritual paths.

Entering deep sexual polarization will provide the energy needed for this process.
When activating the primal layers of our libido, we ignite a sacred fire that increases heat throughout the body. Our body will become more flexible, hot and luminous at the same time.
Directing this fiery force to our DNA library, we can open and liberate all experience, stored in our previous and present bodies for eons.


  During the workshop we will experience:
  • Awakening primal power and activating fiery life energy. The energy that fuels further transformation
  • Raising vital energy to the heart and higher chakras and releasing blockages in the body enabling the free flow of energy.
  • Rising sexual energy to chakras above the physical body
  • Waves of Bliss  – multiorgasmic sessions for men and women
  • High vibrational sexual energy connected with whole body energetic orgasm
  • The release of orgasmic power evoking our cosmic origin
  • Downloading and integrating our multidimensional parts with the physical body


 Some of the benefits of workshop experience are:
  • Transformation of inner immature aspects
  • Live energy expansion from lower to higher centers of the body
  • Awakening of the individual life force that brings greater vitality, health and longevity
  • Access to an infinite energy source
  • Gaining a deeper understanding of our needs and desires
  • Whole body orgasms that include higher subtle dimensions
  • Expanding awareness and perception
  • Bringing a Spirit to the Body
  • Permanent integration of sexuality and spirituality
  • Knowing and understanding our origin
  • Strengthening our creative force and efficiency in life


 For whom? Important!
  • For people who took part in the “Phoenix Rising” retreat or who have previous experience with working with the body and temple arts
  • For people who took part in the “Embracing Underground” retreat and people who have experience in working with individual and collective shadows
  • For mentally stable people without active mental disorders (bipolar disorder, clinical depression, schizophrenia, addiction, etc.)
  • A workshop suitable for people ready for change, awakening and transformation


    Additional information:
  • Dress during the workshop: pareo
  • The workshop is created for singles and couples
  • There is no physical sex during the workshop
  • We are responsible for our experience, constantly deciding on the degree of involvement in the workshop situation. At any time, we can stop the session or practice, giving ourselves space for integration and distance
  • The workshop supports us in entering our personal power and autonomy. Following intuition and heart we choose how much we want to engage in each practice according to our boundaries
  • The workshop explores the topic of sexuality and is not a therapy. We are responsible for our experiences and interactions during the classes or outside of them. Following our desires, we use clear and direct verbal communication, creating a safe space for ourselves and others

    Organisation details Poland:

    Date: 15 – 22 December 2021  from Monday 15 to Monday 15.
    Venue: Workshop centre near Wroclaw, Poland
    Language: Polish & English
    Investment: 700 eu. All inclusive
    300 eu transfer payment (nonrefundable). Bank account details will be provided after registration.
    Registration Form: >>Here<< 
    Inquiries: [email protected] 



    Organisation details Holland:

    Date: 1 – 8 April 2022
    Venue: Holland
    Language: English
    Investment: 990 eu
    Inquiries: [email protected]