Summoning magic realm of our body


 House of Tantra ·  10 October 2018


We have turned away from the spirits of earth, fire and water long ago. Our minds have adapted to the post-industrial, digital age. Cutting off the impulses flowing from the wild primal nature. Also cutting off the roots of joy and freedom.
The mystical connection to the forest goddesses, elves and lake spirits has disappeared. It seems that all this magical, beautiful world has gone, disappeared in another dimension. 
And we do not remember old times and our night dances in the company of fauns and forest nymphs.
Meanwhile, this world has not gone missing. It still lives dormant in our bodies. It is waiting for the right time. Many of us have brought these memories to the present human form. These parts of us are longing to live and love again.
Dedicating them a piece made by the troubadour Luc Arbogast expressing the sacred union of masculine and feminine in his voice.
May this song be their hymn of awakening. ?