Celebrating the opening of a New Year 2018


 House of Tantra · Goa, India · 31 December 2017


On this occasion, facilitator and whole new team of House of Tantra wish you joyfull time,

high vibrational state in the next year. May the Power, Freedom and Love be integrated in you.


” Nadevo devam arcayet, ‘by none but a god shall a god be worshipped ”


Only those who truly recognize their divine nature can worship same nature in others. Otherwise give away their individual power and life energy.


House of Tantra is a part of new paradigm vision. The new paradigm concept is about empowerment of human kind. It is about awakening life energy in each individual and in whole society. With intention to bring the sacred space back to this planet. To bring recognition that our sexual energy is a Source. To establish new paradigm society which is free from fear we need empowered individuals. Reason why we are not in power is generally our based on fear, believe system.


Lets take a closer look:
    • we are living in deep dillusion about nature of so called sexual energy. Sexual energy is is sacred energy of the universe, the Source of all phenomena and forms. As universal life force it is greatest fountain of individual empowerment. It give us direct connection with absolute. When it is truly awaken, we are free, independent and conscious. Thats why during patriarchal era this force is suppressed, belittled and become tabu. Meaning of our sexual energy is reduced to just biological function.


    • fundamental dillusion, it is how we perceive reality. We believe actually, what we perceive through our senses. That world and we, are fix reality. That everything really exists. But there is nothing like fixed reality. You can actually say, that life is sensoric illusion. Everything is constant play of energy appearing and disappearing in empty space.


    • The second root of illusion is that we as individuals believe in our separate existence. That the universe exist outside of us. And because we are convinced that we have separate existence, we also think we can cease to exist and the world will be still going on. In reality everything is inside. We are the world.


    • This duality creates next believe that we as individual do not have enough power to manifest what we want and change the world. That we can not do much as individual.


    • this believe that we are small is reason that we look for safety and protection from the those who have more power. Looking for stable job in corporations, paying for all kind of insurance, Being depended on system, we become the system. It is connected with creating life contracts (which are valid for many lifetimes) where we trade our life energy, our soul for stability and safety.


    •  next illusion is believe that the world is dangerous, evil, jungle and there is no justice. Some of us experience so many traumatic situations that we loose the contact with our essence. We don’t believe in human good nature anymore. We unconsciously creating the scenario of fearful daily life.


  •  religious system programing which introduce primordial cause of reality to some enigmatic entity, external creator. Projecting source of our existence outside of our ourselves literally takes our energy away from us. We have some benefits of believe in outer creator. If we trust that the source is out there, the god or gods that creates all this, we are not responsible for the situation anymore.