Tantra is not about having a better dream


 House of Tantra · 10 January 2018


On the wave of the collective process of awakening, many people want to deepen their intimate relationships with loved ones.
Open to the spiritual dimension of intimacy and experience their sexuality at a more universal level.
Hence the arousing interest in various traditions of tantra.
However, this is associated with some basic illusion on the level of intent and motivation.
Because the purpose of tantra has never been to seek happiness, improve relationships, improve everyday existence, but to awaken to who we really are.



Simply saying, this path is not about changing quality of what we are dreaming  but to wake up from dream altogether.


The tantra practice brings up everything that was previously suppressed or rejected, leading people to discover their own power and to awakening of consciousness.
But there is a process of purification along the way. Which usually involves the fundamental transformation of personality.
It can be said that at the very beginning of this path there is a passage through personal death.
The death of those parts of us that are separate from life, suspended somewhere in between. Those parts that are afraid of jumping into the abyss, into the very center of life. Afraid to step out of control, beyond a well-known, safe piece of the floor.
For each individual, this transformation process is more or less painful according to personal accumulation. The way how we lived so far can change completely.
If we are seriously interested in the tantra path, we should be prepared for profound changes.
The embodiment of the transformative power of tantra is Goddess Kali.