Man, why did you forget who you really are?


House of Tantra 2 November 2017


Man, why did you forget who you really are?

Fundamental power of Shiva is power of forgetting.

Shiva is forgetting, who he really is in order to be reborn as ordinary man.

To live in a dense world of duality and separation. World of low frequencies ,
where you need stay focus in order to survive.

Shiva is forgetting that he is the source, to experience whole chain of mistakes,
to create illusion of small self.
 To feel fear, anger and helplessness.
To fall in ego traps and create suffering.

To kill and to be killed. To destroy everything. Then to learn. To evolve.

And finally to find the path of freedom and bliss
through meeting with the Shakti, Woman.

The unpredictable force of universe, Great Goddess in flesh.

One who never forgets. The one who is burning in passion of infinite love.

Practicing with her secret path of great bliss,
sacred union of highest enlightenment.

Now he can receive and give the life again.


Forgetting who you are is a path to freedom and beauty,
to fully appreciate life and completely descent to this body.