5 stages of the inner temple


House of Tantra ·  22 May 2019


On the path of sacred sexuality and tantra, the body represents the temple.
And with our development along this path, it not only symbolizes the temple,
but through the practice of creating the right vessel for the spirit, it gradually becomes so.

Just like the construction process, first we have to take care of the foundation and solid walls.
It is connected with the element of the earth, stabilization of the vessel and sealing of energy holes. We work on the psycho physical level, releasing negative experiences from the body, and on the spiritual level, using regular meditation which is grounding and balancing our energies. As a result, we achieve internal stability and the ability of not following movement of thoughts and emotions.
The next step is the element of air, that purifies our interior, unblocking the circulation of prana from the base to the top of the temple and back. We achieve this through numerous breathing practices. Here comes a sense of lightness and permeation through subtle winds. We gain new sensitivity to more delicate and high-vibrational energies.
At this stage, everything is ready to activate a metaphysical fire at the base of our temple. All our instincts and emotions becoming fuel for this sacred fire. From that moment on, the element of fire becomes the center of our life activity.
This practically manifests into the daily joy of being, creativity and activity driven by passion.
By combining the element of air and fire and circulating heat upward with inner channels, we activate the metaphysical alchemy in our temple. The dormant energy centers and glands starts to wake up and vibrate. The body produces more hormones and life juices. Fire is balanced by the water element. Our temple like nature in spring, is filled with juicy power and sweet liquids. The nectar of bliss appears.
At the final stage, we dissolve our temple and everything around us in space. The four elements gradually return to the great emptiness. We contemplate, surrendering completely to space and letting ourselves disappear. We are entering a secret level of the path, which is the crowning achievement of all previous practice.
At this stage, we can experience a connection with the original source and a temporary or permanent dissolution of individual identity.


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