Sacred Union in time of death


House of Tantra ·  10 November 2019


The ecstatic path of mystical sexuality has a hidden face, or rather what lies beneath its soft skin: bones and yawning, dead eye sockets. Two skulls frozen in a timeless kiss, skeletons embracing each other in a deadly embrace, reminding us of the impermanence and elusiveness of life. One of the ego’s fundamental fears is the fear of disappearing and dissolving in space.
By witnessing our life passing, we can be more open to letting go of what needs to die in us. During meditation practice, we can gradually teach our body that ego dissolution, the disappearance of identification, is not associated with physical death.
Inhale – appearing, exhale – disappearing. In this way, here and now, we will transcend our conditioning around death. Accompanying some parts of our ego in gradual dying out.
For most people, death is associated with the inevitable end, with the pain of leaving those we love. It somehow connects with the dark and cold empty space, with illnesses and the terrible smell of decaying body. Many people may have such experience. However, our death may be quite different.
For all who cultivate this nihilistic vision of death, I would like to present a more interesting alternative. Also, for those for whom sexual energy is important in life, there is good news:
Death is nothing but the strongest orgasm in life.
Tantric yogis are preparing themselves whole life, for this very moment. To fully open up to the infinite bliss of feminine and masculine essences, meeting in the heart at the time of death. To experience illumination and spiritual self-realization.
If this is the case, why does death have such bad name? Why do we know nothing about it?
First of all, because during this orgasm everyone dies and can not later inform anyone.
But there is another reason, that is less positive news:
We are not able to withstand such a dose of pleasure and we lose consciousness at very beginning. As is the case with premature ejaculation, we are already finished before we start. When we finally regain consciousness, we have been dead for several days, starting to realize that we have left the body.
For adepts of mystical sexuality, any sensation can be recognized as the sacred union of the feminine and masculine energies. Every movement of energy, can become a spark of orgasmic bliss, filling the whole body.
Our old identities, attachment to past experiences, how we perceive ourselves and our sexuality, stand in the way of experiencing sacred sexuality. Everything will change, if we let them die.