Cleanse and transformation of our history means rebirth to a new form… it is Evolution


House of Tantra ·  21 October 2020



In our subjective sense, time has accelerated, everything that once happened in a few years now takes a few months. That is happening because of the increasing vibrational frequency of our planet and the entire solar system. Evolution works in small, invisible steps just to make a big jump to a higher vibrational level at some point. The cycle of gradual maturation is now complete and our entire planetary energy system is preparing for a deeper change.

As it happens in times of breakthrough, some part of the group consciousness that has already passed a certain threshold is dragging the rest of the world with them. However, with too much difference between the frequencies of some parts of the planetary consciousness that have inhabited the same space so far, now these different parts can be completely split up or even torn apart, creating two separate timelines that will evolve independently.
What is characteristic of our planet, the spiritual structure of humanity and the DNA pool is extremely complex and diverse. This is confirmed by many sources that have access, through psychic abilities, to the planetary and galactic Akasha Chronicle, which is our collective memory. The wide range of cultural differences is created by very different groups of souls that were developing in human bodies. Planet Earth has long turbulent history behind. Many civilizations and colonies were developed here, some of them came from different places of the universe. And they all went through cycles of growth, bloom and fall.


What was the reason for their end?
The answer is obvious… just look around and see how much suffering there is still in the world today. In the last thousand years, there has not been a day or a week somewhere in the world without war. In the twentieth century, about 130 million people died in wars. The vast majority of us still eat meat. We live in a world where about 150 billion animals are killed in one year.
The cause of conflicts which are leading to civilization collapse, is eternal striving for absolute power, total control over the force of life. Behind all this is the pursuit of a monopoly on the use of biological energy of the planet and all its inhabitants. In our solar system, the asteroid belt between Mars and Jupiter is a remnant of a large planet where an advanced civilization once flourished. The reason for the destruction of this planet called Maldek was a space war. The use of powerful weapons annihilated whole planet.
Long time later, in the heyday of civilization in Atlantis, a group of souls from Maldek managed to seize power, which resulted in its later collapse and destruction. It is likely that the same beings are continuing their activities in the present day, recreating their agenda over and over again.


Another cycle of evolution is opening.
What lessons have we learned from our complicated past?
Big part of humanity has had many experiences through countless ups and downs in this world, and learned from it a lot. Due to the penetration of the Earth by high-vibration cosmic rays, the continuous increase in Shumann resonance, the cellular memory of many people awakens spontaneously. We begin to recognize our true identity. The curtains so far tightly covering the vision and senses gradually melt.

More transparency, more wisdom.
So naturally it is time to review and digest the experience of past and present times. Experiences of matriarchal societies and still ongoing painful lesson of patriarchy.
The readiness to synthesize the experiences of matriarchy and patriarchy, manifests itself in the growing interest in tantra and sacred sexuality.
Thanks to sacred sexuality bodywork, we can release many layers of trauma and abuse accumulated over millennia in our physical structure.
Sexual energy fully activated within us becomes a powerful inner source of power and individual autonomy. Thanks to it, we can manifest our lives in accordance with our deep needs and longings. This whole process re-evaluates and purifies the perception of sexual energy force. We rediscover its true meaning and important place in our evolution.
So awakening is not only about raising consciousness, but also about awakening of our feminine power, the kundalini Shakti energy, related to the body and sexuality. Both in women and men.


New Paradigm of living

In this time we are in the need of building a new society, which is based on the cooperation of mature individuals. Where women and men can meet in the heart, on partnership level. This manifests in seeing others as part of ourselves and desire to unite our creative individual energy into something bigger. We are learning to live closer to each other, at heart, with respect to our differences and individuality.  Groups of similar people are meeting, moving to the countryside, choosing a deep connection with themselves and nature. New various formulas of communities are emerging, which combine non hierarchicality and appreciation of personal independence as well as developing one’s individuality within the community. A new paradigm of life is being created, based on transparency, communication. Fusion of love relationships with the space of personal autonomy.
We can see bigger willingness to grow together and an openness to enter into those relationships that support our awakening process. Depth and creative inspiration become more valuable than economic security and the maintenance of collective dreaming. We open ourselves more and more often in our relationships to more than one person, collecting the results of many lifetimes, experiences in various bodies and dimensions. At a certain stage of development, there are great amount of deep intimate love relations in our field, and not one, but several people with whom we feel a deep connection appears. We learn to work with jealousy and fear of losing a loved ones. Such relationships become teachers of building communities connected through love, supporting us in the inner healing and transformation.
Letting go of everything that previously created suffering.


In times of cleansing and liberation from our individual and collective history, we need to transcend our habitual dualistic vision. Seeing that everything that is happening around happens because there is permission for that. And this is not only due to our passive, unconscious or voluntary consent, or our old commitments and contracts. What is happening on the external level is happening, because it is consciously agreed by all sides which are influencing events in this density. And they all use this situation for their own purposes.
People like you and me, if we start working together, we will become a tremendous force to realise our part.
Let our goal be transformation and liberation of the collective shadow and manifestation of high-vibration New Earth.