Introduction into Four Pillars of Tantra


Weekend workshop for singles &couples
30 April – 2 May 2021, Italy

Facilitated by Dechen Dorje



This weekend experimental workshop will introduce you into a unique method of Four Pillars of Tantra, created by Dechen Dorje together with Estera Saraswati. It is a fast track into the essence of Tantra, a path of embodied spirituality and ecstatic self-liberation from matrix illusions.

The spontaneous unconditioned joy arises from the inner union of masculine and feminine essence. Both of them take an active and passive form. Four of them, all together and ability to shift easily from one to another, give a real freedom and deep insight into main spiritual searches – who am I? what is the purpose? why? what is a dream state and what is real? – the experience of which you will bring into your daily life.

You will explore Four Essences within on three levels of consciousness, energy and body during this weekend. As a result your capacity of experiencing joy, ease, love, presence and freedom in your life will expand. Then your relationships can be more spacious and rich.

You will receive a lot of knowledge and wisdom along with experience. It will be helpful to systematize information about Tantra that you could have acquired from different teachers and traditions in order not to be deluded or loose the precious essence of Tantric path.

This method emerged out of rich personal experience, transmissions and wisdom of traditional Tantra. Contemporary skillful means help to adjust traditional path to modern men and women in the most effective and accessible way, also for people that do not walk this path.

You can come alone and practice only within or with another person. You can also come in a couple and practice together.

It is a basic workshop, a prerequisite to join next, extended Tantra workshops.


Inner union of feminine and masculine is the essence of Tantra

Our first and basic monogamic relationship lies within. Everyone has a feminine and masculine essence within no matter what your gender or sexual orientation is. Feminine and masculine essence express in an active and passive form. Yin and yang, plus and minus. All our creation, including relationships, is the reflection of this polarity.

The essence is the same for all sentient beings. This is what makes us equal, happy and free. Come and experience the essence beyond your persona, identifications and social roles. You will receive seeds to grow in form of energy transmission and proven methods how to develop your full potential as a man or a woman.


Do you want to:
    • follow your deep desires in a daily life rather than keep them for later?
    • feel that relations enrich your life?
    • create satisfying, loving and passionate intimate relationships?
    • experience free but committed relationships?
    • hold a clear direction and life purpose without distracting your attention?
    • deepen a relationship with yourself?
    • embody your spirituality?


One experience of cosmic sex will change you profoundly

Whole universe is an ecstatic dance of feminine and masculine energy of polarization. Cosmic sex is constantly present beginning with atoms in human cells to superstars outbursts. Usually we are not conscious of it nor we feel it due to armoring of our body storing unhealed past experiences. However we can change it. We are able of experiencing life ecstatically not conditioned by external circumstances. Ecstasy unfolds within the body thanks to being conscious of merging the feminine and masculine essence.

No matter of our body sex, we all have masculine and feminine essence within. The way they are expressed is conditioned to a family, social or religious upbringing and code of ethics. Usually men are culturally trained to suppress their feminine side and women their masculine one in order to be feminine. One can be lost in trying to meet contradictory expectations how to be a “real” woman or man whatever it means. Many people rebel against standards to be met in this matter but still are caught in a dichotomy of external expectations and own revolt. Then one can easily slip into contesting some external forms instead of searching for the third way, not choosing just between the old and its contradiction. When we are lost and open to the unknown, it is a great moment to take a dive into the essence of feminine and masculine within and rediscover it, allowing the form of a male or female to emerge effortlessly by itself straight from the essence.

Surprisingly feminine essence can flourish only on the stable ground of healthy masculine energy within and masculine due to embracing one’s feminine energy. One to express one’s feminine sexuality freely, needs to feel safe, supported, present, conscious, courageous and stable ground that offers a masculine energy within. And masculine energy can not be mature and healthy unless one embraces one’s emotions, flow, softness, sensitivity, ability to surrender and source of creation within.


What can Four Pillars of Tantra practically offer?

Activation of these four essences liberates us from conditioning and limitations as well as takes us closer to fulfilled life, abundant and loving. It creates a strong flow of sexual energy within a flexible and spacious sacred container of our body without need of discharging the energy. Then we are free of compulsory sex and can enter into a dimension where sexual connection opens us to higher levels of consciousness and insights. After such experience of cosmic sex everything changes, the grass even is more green.

  • stability in challenging or euphoric situations
  • serenity and courage due to practicing presence here and now
  • accepting and celebrating whatever comes to one’s life
  • feeling safety within
  • clarity of insight and deep understanding of world of phenomenas that also allow to recognize one’s desires and skillful means of their fulfillment
  • clear life direction and purpose
  • one pointed focus on one’s priorities without distraction
  • effectiveness and courage in taking actions and accomplishing projects
  • true freedom, unconditioned
  • inner peace due to letting go of fears, attachments and clinging
  • fiery passion of life
  • vitality and vigor
  • tantric orgasms embracing all dimensions
  • access to endless source of energy
  • ability to effectively manifesting dreams and desires


Organisation details:

Date: 30 April – 2 May, from Friday 15 till Sunday 16
Venue: Workshop Center near Arezzo, Italy
Energetic exchange: 350 eu plus costs of stay 150 eu
Prepayment: 150 eu  (nonrefundable)
Inquiries: [email protected]
Enrollment by: >> Form<<


Testimonials from previous participants:


“During this weekend course it felt like nothing happened. It was for me just a weekend of joy, deep joy coming from that deep intimacy with my heart I was experiencing – yet nothing new. The Monday after the course, I woke up, surprised over the lightness in my body, the openness of my mind, the clarity and neutrality in my way of experiencing the moment, expanded consciousness. Few weeks later, so much changed in my physical reality – basically, so much letting go of all those things, projects and ideas that were not supporting me anymore, now so clearly seen in the new light. No struggle, it felt just like the sand castles were vanishing under the waves of expanded consciousness. One weekend that I really recommend to everyone that are honestly interested in living their own truth.”
Esendia Ina

“It’s like I have healed my child abuse, which I already healed for a great deal, but never came into that core of fear and frozenness. I realized after getting so desperate sick that I had landed into the woud of my wound. The place where my believes about myself and the world started to disconnect myself. By rejecting myself I always let the world mirror me I was not welcome. I always felt so humiliated deep down that I was exhaustingly busy telling the world how special I was. It was a journey starting in Poland, three weeks ago being held in so much love during the Phoenix week, that I could dive into al lot of traumatized places. But amazingly combined with new dimensions of joy! Healing took place on so many levels. childhood, but also my mothers and grandmothers, family systems, from a multidimensional point of view remembering past lives in temples and how ancient rituals took place which were so sacred and valued. I got to know my inner man and also men I was in past lives and being so aware of the polarities of the four pillars this weekend after this sexual healing week I can see so clearly what kept me from diving into the unknown. I’ve never felt so safe as by being held by you, Estera and Dechen, and for me it’s safe because you contain all levels where healing can take place in. Even when you don’t know it yourself smile emoticon as a student, the fact that you contain all levels, means all levels get touched into us too. That’s coming home. I realize now that a lot of unsafety in my live was caused by always being judged by people who can’t see who I am. And it was unsafe because i didn’t take care of who I am. I abandoned myself. I don’t know exactly how this rebirth took place last weekend, but it happened. It felt literally as coming out of the womb. I feel I’m more complete and fulfilled as ever, at this moment. Also I feel this extra fundamental pillar ‘presence’ in my system. I feel authentic and I notice in my contact with other people that they must feel that too. I feel welcome and seen. And very grateful. Thank you.”
Johanna, 51, musician and healer

“Thank you very much for this weekend. A multi-dimensional magic is going on your workshops. You open a doorway to space that „philosophers have never dreamed of”. I have noticed that reality starts getting surprise me in nicer ways. I know that it isn’t by chance but it is a matter of energy within me. It has probably a lot in common with the space that you provided! Thank you. Best regards” Monica

“Thank you very much for this great meeting! What I have experienced can’t be described in words. I felt all my life that my body is dead and I will never feel a fire. I have tested different spiritual paths for a long time and they didn’t give me experience of feeling energy in my body, and you’ve done it and it’s the first time we met! My dormant Kundalini has been awakened. It is a huge step for me. I feel that my body begins to fill up with life fuel and I want more! Thank you is not enough :)” Marta

“Thank you for a wonderful time we spent together last weekend. Priceless knowledge and great experience, I have no words to write how much I am grateful to you and appreciate you. ” Dariusz

“Thank you for this beautiful meeting. It was intense on number of levels. Insight and understanding has been still slowly emerging about what had really happened,. It’s hard to describe, so I don’t even try to name it. Flashes of Four Pillars of Tantra appear in my mind and my heart. Old memories from my past come back with new meaning now. I have more understanding and more clarity how phenomena manifest themselves, how they are interconnected and how they attract each other. Much of relief comes from the fact that the concept of Four Pillars of Tantra is so consistent with life. My inner guidance showed me earlier how balance between them is the basis for development … Meeting you gave me a lot of sense, that what counts is trust to intuition, inner guidance, courage to be authentic, mindfulness … I feel that something is sprouting and growing. Thank you for this with all my heart. For the benefit of all beings :)” Justine